Monday, January 21, 2013

Clueless Nutrition

Ok, I'm going to make a confession:

I have no CLUE what constitutes good nutrition for a woman my age. I've been winging it for the last twenty-four years. Before that, I can't say that good nutrition was always available. I won't get into that here, but when the only meal provided is a pot of white beans (which, it is well known, make me vomit), I can't vouch for having properly fed at crucial times in my development. I hate beans. My childhood is the reason why.

Anyway, what's important is the present going forth, and I need to get it straight now. The problem is that I don't eat enough. My family saw at Christmas what my appetite has become. I picked at what little food I put on my plate, though there were extenuating circumstances that day. My dog was recovering from his attack, and I was still in shock from what I had seen.

I just don't feel like eating. That's all. And I certainly don't feel like going to a lot of trouble every night after work and the gym. I definitely can't use recipes that call for exotic ingredients. Keep in mind that even leeks are exotic in this little town.

I keep searching for "running nutrition" and while I get a few interesting recipes, there is no guide to tell me what I'm supposed to eat. I suppose it's that plate thing, eh?

Another thing... It happens randomly that I can't sleep after working out past 8 o'clock. If I work till 4:30, I'm starving and have to eat something, then wait a couple of hours for my food to digest, which puts my workout way too late for sleeping. What's the answer? Sleep aids?

Maybe I need to come up with some great stew recipes that I can make on the weekends and freeze so that prep won't be a problem when I'm busy.

Maybe the problem is that my extra hours of work are wearing me down to the point that $75 extra a week isn't worth it anymore. I'm tired and out of entertaining ideas for the kids. I want my time back. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad at the original 1 day a week. Two... Are wearing my patience thin. I just want to go home at 3:15. Eat. Nap. Go to the gym. Run outside before dark. Cook nutritious food for myself. Play with my dog. Meet some new people. Work on my house. Do some fiction writing.

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