Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Drinking the Dragon Slayer

I'm starting to feel a little bit loopy. I have taken two doses so far of the Dragon Slayer remedy ( in hopes of keeping my chest cold from settling in. So far I've had a sore throat / back of tongue, reduced stamina (that was my first sign I was about to get sick), pain when breathing, and coughing. A little sneezing and a runny nose as well.

I made sure to eat a good lunch with beets, which is unusual for me, because they taste pleasant and still taste like the dirt they grew in. My feeling of wellness is taking a downhill slide, though very slowly. I can handle a brief cold, but once it gets int my chest, I'll suffer for a month trying to breathe with bronchitis, and I have a 5k to run in exactly one month. I was hoping to show some improvement in my time for that race. I'm afraid it will be a battle once again.

I stayed home and in bed yesterday after work, except for going to buy an exercise mat (for stretching my piriformis at work ) and the ingredients for the Dragon Slayer remedy.

Dragon Slayer:
Juice of half a lemon
A medium clove of fresh garlic, minced
A dash of chili powder

Mix it up and drink it in one swallow. It mostly tasted like lemon juice to me.

Right now it's my planning time and I just want to be home, asleep in bed.

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