Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Feeding the Beast

I finally had enough of dealing with my central heating unit NOT kicking on unless I jacked up the temp to 85 degrees. I played with the mercury switch inside, and while it heated for a few hours, by the next morning the darn thing had stopped working again.

Argh. If only anger could keep me warm... my feet and hands wouldn't have been freezing. But you know, it was one of those situations in which I was incredulous that once again, the unit was malfunctioning.

The problem was that once it came on, it would never go off, and I'd wake up in the middle of the night, sweating, all covers thrown off, ceiling fan on high, with a headache, fresh out of a nightmare. Then the stupid thing wouldn't come on without casting a virtual magic spell. I suspected it was the thermostat. A few other people agreed.

So my brother went to Lowes with me to help me pick out a suitable programmable thermostat to replace ye olde mercury switch. And after we had dinner, he installed it for me. :D I was going to give it a shot myself, but I think he suspected that I was chicken about touching wires.

And you never know with me anyway. I once short-circuited a TV at work that wasn't even plugged in, just by putting my hands on the sides. The kids said that they saw what looked like lightning branch out from where I put my hands, and then crackle across the screen. I saw it too. Lol. They accused me of witchcraft, but some acted like I had a very cool secret power: amplified static electricity. Who knows? My only defense is that I didn't mean to do it. The librarian who checked the TV out to me started raking me over the coals about how I plugged it in wrong, or messed with the cords (really? For a TV / VCR cart? Hahah ) when my students defended me. "Um, Mrs. ______... She never plugged it in. She rolled it in and it fried just because she touched it."

I was not on the librarian's favorite person list after that, but she didn't seem to like anybody anyway, so it wasn't a big concern, though she treated me with disdain forevermore.

Hey lady, don't mess with me. I've got microwave fingers!

The truth is, I've never been able to wear a digital watch for more than a few hours before the LCD completely blanked out. I had two digital wristwatches for Christmas, and my parents assumed that I was messing with them somehow and broke them. I can't remember how I convinced them that it was the contact with my skin that zapped them, but the next Christmas I got a digital watch pendant to wear on the outside of my clothes.

You know how wearing a cheap ring or bracelet will eventually turn your skin green from contact with the metal? My skin turns black within hours. I can't wear cheap earrings either. Apparently I've got acidic skin, which causes some kind of reaction to the metal, and probably accounts for my problem with digital wristwatches.

However, the watch pendant never touched my skin, and it died within a couple of weeks. It could just be a coincidence, or it could be simply shoddy workmanship there at the dawn of the 80s.

But the zapped TV made me worry about touching those wires myself. It's made me rather paranoid. And there's a digital readout, so... I dunno.....

On the brighter side, after feeding my beastly central unit a lovely new programmable thermostat, it seems to be working properly. I woke to a 62 degree house (I thought he set it for 65, though, but 62 might be for my at-work hours, and 65 for sleep time -- I don't remember last night that well. ) and then bumped up the temp to 74 to see what would feel comfortable. I was absolutely tickled to see the ambient temperature reading start going up as the heat kicked on properly. :D

74 may turn out to be too warm, but I suspect that my perception of temperature is to blame. Lately I am just so darn COLD all of the time. My down comforter helps tremendously, but when I'm out from under it, I freeze and my toes stay blue and cold. Maybe it's a diabetic thing. I haven't been having any problems with mine, except when I forget to eat breakfast. Random blood sugar drops have really backed off since I started running.

I was told last night that I let my dog's recovery and my week with a migraine just be an excuse for not running. If I really wanted to, I'd have just ignored all that and gone running.

I'm not going to explain to him my fear of coming home to a dead dog who choked to death on a constricted airway. (I woke up to that Dec. 26th, 2007. I just can't take the chance. Love is more important to me than running at this point.) He gets choked with his collapsing trachea enough on normal days.

I'm not going to explain to him what a real migraine feels like. He obviously doesn't suffer from them. They aren't simply "bad headaches" -- they are an entirely different entity. When you have them, you understand that sometimes you have to leave the world behind until they are gone. When you don't have them, you just don't GET IT. God may have blessed you to not have them. :) God bless you if you do have them. I hope you find effective treatment. To date, I haven't.

I HAVE run through bad headaches before... They got so much WORSE by the time I got home, and I was sorry I'd done that. Endorphins? Yeah, whatever. Lol. They don't come when you call with a migraine. When your right eye is about to explode out of its socket with every heartbeat, you don't deliberately triple that heart rate.

I know running injury free is very good for me. I want to be able to do it whenever I want, and I want to accomplish long distance runs. But as of yet, that fellow is right. I don't love exercise for the sake of exercising. I don't love running unconditionally yet, because of the unpleasantness and pain I haven't trained past yet. I've only been running for 7 months. It hasn't lost me any weight, and I have suffered shin splints every couple of months. I don't want to be truly sidelined with a stress fracture, so my body screams with something more painful than muscle soreness, I cooperate.

So it took me ten years to put on this weight. It darn well better not take ten years to get it off! I've been working too hard to see no results after all this time. And I'm going to eventually push myself across a marathon finish line (2015), even if I still weigh this much and it's "muscle weight". That will be amazing, indeed.

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