Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Here There Be Coughs.

Last night I couldn't run for longer than a couple of minutes at a time without stopping from panic breathing. I was disappointed that I had to keep taking walk breaks because I conquered panic breathing a couple of months ago when I got closer to the end of my C25k program. It was mind over matter, after all.

So what was the MATTER with my MIND last night?

I deny that it had anything to do with a couple of men actually LOOKing at me at the gym last night. One of them actually smiled at me. Yeah, a year and a half later, I got noticed. Lol. What are the odds?

Maybe he was just being friendly. Maybe I was the subject of a laugh because I looked like I was dying there on the treadmill.

I just couldn't catch my breath last night. Why? WHY? WHYYYYY when I've been making progress with my running? I managed to finish my leg exercises on the machines after that, increasing my reps to 20 on every set. I'll admit that on the glute machine, I was trembling like an earthquake by the last set, with the effort of doing the lifts properly and controlling slow returns. But as I've said before, there is a nerve problem in my right leg. Meralgia paresthetica has messed with my right quad for years, and I have likely developed Piriformis syndrome on that leg as well. I have to drag that leg to move it forward. I did some of the physical therapy stretches on it today, and woweee, that Piriformis is TIGHT. And that's a bad thing. It's pinching my sciatic nerve, causing pain and weakness.

My entire core is weak, but I'm working on it.

If you are in your 20s, stay in shape. Get there if you aren't.
If you are in your 30s, get in shape and fight to stay there.
If you wait until you are a depressed 40 year old, you never know what conditions other than obesity and diabetes are lurking in the shadows to waylay you when you finally work up the courage to do what it takes.

At this rate, imma fall and break a hip before I lose any weight permanently.

Tonight I came home from work, feeling pain in my right chest when I inhale. And I'm coughing. I've apparently picked up a bug and they always go straight to my lungs. Bronchitis, pneumonia... I dunno which it will be or what to do about it.

I hope I can kick it fast, because I have a 5k exactly one month from tomorrow. I don't want to be merely trying to survive, once again.

Instead of going to the gym, I had some spicy homemade soup and then passed out face down on my bed. Yep, I guess I'm tired.

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