Monday, January 28, 2013

Major Workout Tonight

33 minutes on the fat burner program on the elliptical

All the leg machines, 90 reps each -- except for glutes, because my piriformis is still strangling my sciatic nerve and it hurts like crazy to do them... Which means that I most definitely can't skip them and i have to do them forever... Torso rotation crunches, triceps extensions, yes, 90 reps each. I noticed, though, that leg presses and hamstring curls suddenly became easier, so I increased the weight on leg presses. Hammys are a bit of a struggle from reps 25-30, so they will stay the same until I can beast through them. All of that took an hour, and it was definitely a cardio activity for me. I was breathing hard with my usual pulse rate of 180 BPM.

So much for trying to work in the target heart rate zone, eh? I'm way beyond 80% every time, and my resting heart rate is usually around 60. Even when I'm just walking.

Which I did. I put in another 1.59 miles on the treadmill and my total of calories burned was over 1000. (1139, to be more precise) Don't worry, I'm eating well. (If i wasn't, my fingernails wouldn't be nice and long once again. )

Sometimes I just get into my workout and don't feel like stopping. My legs needed stretching out after the strength machines, so I walked. I need to keep putting miles on my legs anyway.

I was dripping sweat from my scalp so much it kept surprising me when it would fall onto my clothes. I'm just not a sweating type person. This is a very new phenomenon to me. It's all the water I try to drink, I guess. But gosh, I was crazy-soaking wet. Men were staring and grinning at me in Wal-Mart afterward. I guess I was quite a sight in my all black ninja gym rat gear, soaked through my hair and rosy cheeked.

So I grinned back at them. A couple were kinda cute. ;). I won't tell them I can only hold a plank for 11 seconds.

My sister should know I didn't wear my neon pink Zensah shin compression sleeves. I wore the black ones. I got the pink ones for cancer benefit races I run in. Yes, to be noticed. Well, why not? I'm about to turn 42 and I'm single. I'm not getting any younger, but at least I'm not all wrinkled.

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