Monday, January 21, 2013

Naming the Demon

I just spent two and a half hours at the gym. Doing what? Oh, an hour on the treadmill. Leg day strength training. Forget my legs -- it's my brain that's mush right now. I'm pretty sure I used up all the calories I had eaten by that point.

I sat down in the dressing room for a moment, between treadmill and weights, and I felt the searing pain of a giant splinter stabbing my thigh right above my knee. But there was nothing there when I looked, so it's my stupid femoral nerve acting up on me once again.

I looked in the mirror to assess the damage... Well, my English heritage glows right through at times! High up on my cheekbones under my eyes, my skin was so red I looked like I'd been slapped. Or maybe punched in both eyes. And I'd been thinking nobody could tell where my family overwhelmingly came from. I've got a blush that'll give Ian Somerhalder a little competition. Lol. Except that I bet he doesn't blush, and I most certainly do. I don't have the ability to hide what I'm feeling, unless I can hide my glowing face. :D

I did the first day of 10k training today. Lemme tell ya, I did NOT have the magical go juice (energy) to run for forty minutes. I was just so darn fatigued! I blame the bronchitis for that. I didn't cough much, fortunately. So, I may end up repeating the first day or so of the training program for a while, until I feel satisfied that I can handle the running task I am given.

My brother once told me that the secret to losing weight is knowing what your demon is. For some it is salt, or sugar, or carbs. I think he believed I was noshing on Twinkies or something similar. My demon is food in general, and my fear of it. I don't really like eating, but I have to. There's not a lot of "healthy" food that I like, and I promise you, I could get fat on a diet of nothing more than celery. (I had the flu & pneumonia once and couldn't eat or drink for three days because I was too weak to get up and get it from the kitchen. I gained five pounds. I kid you not.)

If my demon is food, then its master is running. Running is the only exercise I've seen real results from. I'll just have to make time to get it in. And I'll have to figure out how to fuel for the activity. Any hints out there?

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