Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Running Goal Review

I was invited this week to run the St Jude Half Marathon with a fellow teacher and her sister in December.

I'd like to be able to, but I've learned that when I push myself too hard toward a slightly unreasonable goal, I injure myself. The half is on my goal list for 2014, actually. Right now I'm trying to conquer the 5k.

I just don't want to do the injury-rest a month-injury-rest a month cycle. I want to, more or less, smoothly progress upward without all the age-related setbacks. That way leads to permanently quitting because I'm injury-prone.

I want to be a runner the rest of my life, but as someone told me, until I can run and it's a reward instead of a punishment, I won't stick with it. I can't just relax and run yet. Bleh.... Right now I have to monitor foot strike, lifting my right leg, and breathing, constantly. My body isn't trained to just run yet.

Things that would help me progress:

No diabetic complications (that's a random variable, though I've been fortunate)
Easy, healthy, quick food prep (will take lots of research and long cooking days to prepare, but I think, doable)
Stronger legs / no more shin splints / no more piriformis syndrome
Appreciable weight loss (This one defies all logic with me, because I don't eat ENOUGH)
Knowledge of good local places to run (1 mile path in the park, track & treadmill are all I've found)

I did buy some spiffy new running duds, and I still haven't tried on my shirts yet, though the UnderArmour capris fit nicely. It would have been nice if Dick's hadn't inexplicably cancelled my purchase of the pink striped ones, though.

I may not be able to hit my goal of a consistent 15 minute mile by the end of the month. It's two weeks away and I can't do anything about running right now. I'm a little bit frustrated.

Fortunately for me, while I've been sick, my Yorkie has been very insistent about cuddling with me whenever possible. He willingly comes into my arms for full wraparound hugs and sleeps pressed against me, giving concerned looks whenever I start hacking.

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