Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Local" Running Store? What's THAT?

Annoying limitations of living in a small town that is getting smaller every day.

We don't have a "local" ANYthing, except Wal-Mart. There is a single "sporting goods store," but they apparently cater to the basketball shorts, star jerseys, and little league crowd. They sneered at me when I asked them about sports bras. Maybe the problem was that the teenybopper employees were too engrossed in their personal conversation to assist customers who actually HAVE something to put in a sports bra. It's a problem they clearly didn't understand.

I can't shop in a wannabe sporting goods store that doesn't even have merchandise for women. Not even when my nephews would like something from there. Dick's may be nearly an hour away, but they at least understand that women spend high dollar amounts when they find what they need. even Gander Mountain gets that. They may not have running gear, but they do have UnderArmour, and I tested my size there.

Well, Dick's is great, but I'd really love the place if they actually stocked my size. I'm fat. I need an XL top to contain the girls. They seem to think that women like me don't need athletic wear too. How do I get down to a large or medium without buying the XL clothes? Oh. My baggy cotton t-shirts. Chafe city. Guess it's just too bad because I'm fat.

(I HATE shopping. Think it might have something thing to do with my self-image? Yeah buddy. It might be different if someone showed an interest in the person who is in here, and ignored the pudge on the outside. *Sigh* Don't lecture me. I know. I KNOW. I already tried that. It didn't work. If you really had "the ONE true answer", you'd be a millionaire self-help guru, wouldn't you? Maybe in a few years, things will get better. That's been my mantra for the past 25 years. I'll probably still be reassuring myself with it on my deathbed.)

Okay, stop and imagine the sound of me running in my compression shorts. It's like corduroy pants. Only louder. Rip-rip, rip-rip. :). Are you smiling? It's pretty darn funny.

True, I could wear a L, but it would be tight. Indecently, trampishly tight. Tight clothes make me claustrophobic, too. And let's face it -- muffin tops and fat rolls aren't attractive. If you've got them, you shouldn't flaunt them. You should hide them until you lose them. Just my opinion. :) Bottoms that are too tight? Yeah, I COULD wear a 12, but I'd like to believe I'm realistic. Pulling out a wedgie is NOT cute. It's a health issue. You know where I could head with that, so I'm not going any further. It's disgusting. People shouldn't be staring at your crotch in workout clothes for any reason. Leave it to their imagination, completely!

Hey, I would spend the money for some name brand gear, if I could just try it on. :D I NEED to see that it's not gonna make me look like an idiot in denial before I buy it.

The "local" running store is an hour and a half away. I got shoes! I got Gu and Roctane! I got an Amphipod water bottle that fits my small grip - in neoprene! I even got reflector bands to wear! I loved Fleet Feet. I just wish they had had clothing in MY SIZE. LOL I guess runners don't believe somebody my size is a runner too, and would like to dress the part with some styyyyle.

Because I don't actually have any style of my own. Hahaha!
And none of these items are available where I live, which is starting to feel like Little House on the Prairie. One restaurant announces that it is building here, and three close. It's shrinking into a ghost town.

I ordered Zensah Compression Shorts. (I love their shin sleeves. Lifesavers for my shin splints.).

Wow. Now I understand Spanx. I was a size 10 wearing those shorts! I just had a leeeetle trouble sitting down. Lol. I had asked before ordering if sizing would be appropriate for me : "Thank you for writing to us. If you wear a size 14 in women's pants, the
shorts should fit you. You would be on the upper end of our size scale, but
still within range for the shorts to fit well."

Gee, thanks... Hahaha Way to stroke my ego! Lol. Well, at least he wasn't mean with his answer. Upper end. Yeah, no kidding.

I AM working on it! I have been since June 2011. I run partially because it might help me lose weight. (I understand there is no guarantee, now.). The other reason I run: when its going well, I love the feeling of nearly effortless speed. The wind in my hair. The feeling of freedom. Solitude with a purpose. The rare endorphin rush. (Twice in seven months. Yeehaa! Pitiful, huh? Lol)

I would love to have a local running store. :). I could try stuff on, and set my sights on incremental rewards for running. I could actually buy a pair of socks safe to run in!

I'd love to have a local craft store, or fabric store, or even art classes. But let's face it.... Nothing is local but the dried up hometown and the self-proclaimed lords of the county who won't allow anything of the sort unless it provides a payoff to them. Gotta love small-town corruption.

I wonder, will it still be great to be big fish in a small pond, after the big fish drink all the water and the pond dries up? This isn't a community, it's a fiefdom. ;)

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