Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shin Pain Returns

Okay, I'm too tired for the gym tonight after all, and if I go, I know I won't be able to sleep. Right now, I need more sleep. I just can't deal with any more sleep deprivation, which is why I've been trying Zzzquil. Maybe tonight I can sleep without it.

I know I work best with ten hours of sleep, but I just can't get that in and still do all I have to do. Going to bed at 8 pm just will not work.

I felt a little twinge in my shin again, and my calves are really sore from running Thursday. Maybe easing back into exercising is the prudent thing to do, since I'm still coughing.

I'm still shivering here in the house, because the heat has decided not to work today. And the repair man has forgotten about me yet again. Maybe he will feel like fixing my heat when summer gets here. I don't like his style of not quite permanently fixing anything, and then I have to feel stupid and bothersome about calling him to tell him I have no heat again. I don't like this. I want it fixed.

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