Tuesday, January 1, 2013

You're Going to be Amazing!

"Make 2013 Your B****! "
Hey, I didn't say that! I merely censored it. A friend told me that last night. So okay, I'll give it my best shot. LOL. The title, well, that comes in at the bottom.

I used the lovely KitchenAid stand mixer I bought myself for Christmas last night to make cheese straws, and the word is, without a doubt, SQUEE! Seriously, it's an impressive machine. It was fun just to watch that paddle mixing cheese straw dough.

I worked out the kinks in my cheese straw recipe, while I was at it, without multiple failed batches to feed to my dog. Even bad cheese straws still taste good. Lol. Nearly melting the butter with the cheese in the microwave was the trick. It was liquid enough to make the dough soft and warm enough to extrude through the cookie press. Melting the butter all the way might have caused problems with blending into the cheese, so I might not go all the way with it. I've seen a lot of recipes calling for twice the butter... Yikes! My recipe? Hmm...

I brought several great batches of cheese straws to our work Christmas party a few years back, and they were hardly touched. Same thing with any labor-intensive (and high cost) recipe I make for work -- down their noses they look, and I'm stuck with a lot of leftovers. So why should I even bother? This year I wasn't too interested in the food that others brought. Potluck just doesn't equal pig out to me. I really haven't had much appetite in a few months anyway.

But it's okay... To each his own. :). I just won't be wagging my massive Crock Pot to work anymore. I'll save my best recipes for my family and for parties, though I won't be spending another $200 on party food. I don't dream of being a caterer. :P

I've got a lot of running to do. I hope my legs are strengthening for the challenge. Maybe I'll lose a few pounds when my distance increases. I'm not counting on it. Running doesn't magically make everyone who runs lose weight.

All bodies are different. Not everyone who runs a marathon has to rely on energy supplements. Some days I need one and I'm only training for a 5k. But I have hypoglycemia, so a little boost of easily digested carbs helps me. No need for me to be ashamed, if that little bit extra keeps me going longer until my body becomes leaner and more efficient. As the saying goes, even if you're running slow, you're still lapping everybody still sitting on the couch.

Some people have no problem eating right, and some of us develop disordered eating. "Normal" is such a small segment of the population. I have a problem with eating enough when nobody is around to enforce regular meals. I don't binge, though sometimes I just don't want to eat a thing, and that's not a good strategy for me to keep running. Heck, I'm exhausted on the weeks I've eaten and slept properly.

There's just so much (stress, depression, diabetes, and more of the intangible problems that have nothing to do with food intake or exertion level, and everything to do with hormones) that ties into my body situation, and it is not that I'm stuffing my face when nobody can see me. Funny you should accuse me of that. Is it what YOU do? Projection of your own flaws onto others. Nice. Lol !

Unless you know some secret about MY body specifically, I'll pass on your trite advice. :) You don't know what you're talking about, because let's face it, you only really know about your own body.

Some folks are lucky to lose 80 pounds in six months. Some kill themselves at the gym for two years and cut calories at the same time, and still can't lost twenty pounds. Doesn't mean the second person isn't trying. It means the first person is a freak or did something dangerous to get there and it doesn't make them healthy. (Some of them merely cut down on their alcohol consumption.) But let's pat person 1 on the back and sneer at person 2. That's the usual thing to do.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to weight loss.

But I'm going to exercise, because at least my heart and lungs will be healthy. I'm going to stop worrying about the scale and what it says, because it says that I'm becoming a solid chunk of muscle. The treadmill says that I will eventually be moving my solid chunk of muscle across a marathon finish line. I'd love to have some company. :)

All I really have to remember is what someone told me on a runner's forum this morning:

"You are going to be amazing!"

That's all I need to know.

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