Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Estrogen Domination! LOL

A friend suggested I check into probiotics to possibly kick my body into dropping the weight it should have already been letting go of. Somewhere along the way I found a link to out of control estrogen levels, and what do you know, I show several of the symptoms.

The first being big breasts and hips. Check. I had a reduction. They grew right back.

Crazy mood swings. Oh yeah.

Weight gain in the torso, primarily. My arms and legs need toning, but that's where my weight is.

Night sweating. Oh yeah, that I complained about to my Ob / Gyn and he blew me off, saying I'm too young for that. He pretty much called me a liar. So he checked NOTHING. Because he has turned out to be quite the surgical butcher, I'm changing doctors anyway. Dr. Sweeney Todd has a history of not listening to my concerns anyway.

Estrogen dominance, as it is called, happens to women in their thirties and forties (that's me), when hormone balances shift heavily toward estrogen rather than staying in balance with progesterone. " This results in night sweats, depression, fatigue, weight gain, anxiety, blood sugar imbalance, dry skin and hair, cellulite, brain fog, and low sex drive. " (No comment on the last two there, but every one of the rest I've been dealing with in spades. You may feel that I'm foggy brained, I'll grant you that one. The last one - I admit nothing but a serious disgust regarding the men I have dated. )

"Too much estrogen in the body also causes salt and water retention, making us look bloated, flabby, and soft." Bingo. "However, the estrogen and progesterone levels can be balanced to relieve these symptoms. " (from http://jjsmithonline.com/blog/weight-loss/how-hormonal-imbalance-caused-me-to-gain-30-pounds-virtually-overnight)". Higher estrogen levels cause the body to accumulate fat around the waist and abdomen, causing the dreaded "spare tire" look.

Granted, this site touts the purchase of their book to fix the problem, along with living on a rabbit food diet to lose the midsection fat. Oddly, they never mention exercise. Or hydration. They also speak highly of self-medicating with FDA-unapproved hormones.

Lose the flab in just a few short weeks. Thirty pounds, no less. Wow. No exercise.

Yeahhhh, I think I'll remain skeptical here, but I will make an appointment to have my hormone levels checked. Surely at my age I'm allowed to check into a middle-aged woman's problems. I'm overdue for torture by crushing (mammogram) anyway.

Still, I'm having this mental image of an estrogen molecule dressed in black leather, wearing a scary mask and wielding a whip, terrorizing trembling progesterone molecules.

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  1. Hey there,
    I just stumbled across your blog and can so relate. Since I was about 35 I have had terrible problems with everything you mentioned. I have kept changing gynecologists because every one of them blows me off on the weight gain. If one more suggests weight watchers I will scream! Well, It turns out a have a large fibroid (caused by estrogen) and I'm going to have to have a hysterectomy in a couple weeks...2 weeks before my 40th birthday...joy! It turns out I have been anemic for years and was so severe when I went to the er that I had to have a blood transfusion. So, I am on a super dose of pregesterone right now until surgery. I'm not losing weight because I'm STARVING all the time but it will be interesting to see what happens after surgery. Good luck to you!