Monday, February 18, 2013

Miles & Sadface

The two cups of coffee seemed to have done the trick on my migraine yesterday. Lesson learned: don't skip coffee on the weekends.

I'm waiting on someone to take me out for my birthday so I thought I'd recap the good things from last night. Yes, of course they all happened while I was alone. I don't get to have good things with other people. So bite me and my melancholy. It's really lonely here in the wasteland. No one understands that. But they have plenty of trite "answers".

I did 2.58 miles on the elliptical, farther and faster than ever before. I broke my record.

I did 10.01 miles on the bike in under 42 minutes, because I want those miles, darn it. My piriformis muscles cramped on BOTH sides at the same time.

Then I did 1.23 miles on the treadmill, some of it running, just to stretch out my legs and my cramped backside, hoping to finish the movie I had been watching my entire workout. Yeah, THAT kept me distracted when the going got rough. It was The Raven. I kinda liked it. I needed another hundred calories to meet my goal of 3000 calories burned for the week.

Runkeeper tells me I broke 8 of my own records last night. Wahoo.

I think I made up for missing Saturday. I got there and was down three pounds (when I expected to be retaining ten pounds of water, actually), and when I left, I had lost another pound. Probably sweat -- my clothes were drenched when I finished. I was also covered in gritty salt, and when my bra dried overnight (I waited till today to get a load together to wash), it was stiff.

I burned almost 1200 calories at the gym last night. Probably worthless overkill but I told you, I want those miles. I did more miles last night than all of last week put together. Running makes me cry (because I'm such a bedraggled failure at it) but my competitive spirit is still doggedly dragging along, tied to the back bumper.

Please forgive me, because I feel completely miserable right now.

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