Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Oooh, punish me, baby!

Last night, someone threw a major pout at me because I told him I wouldn't be rescheduling my evening at the gym so I could sit around waiting to do him several favors. Honestly, I've got no intention of mending someone's socks and washing their clothes if they never so much as open a jar for me.

I called him on his user-type manipulations (again) and told him no. Oh, he started pouting, and wanted to know why he couldn't expect me to be at his disposal. Well, I can't call on him to do anything for me at any time, so why should I be treated like a slave?

Oh, he got me with his best shot, which was, actually, a rather limp threat.

"Ok I'll leave you alone for a few days."

His justification for the upcoming ignoring:

"I don't care to be attacked like I was because I didn't give the correct response to a cryptic question."

I think he has my conversation mixed up with another one. First, nobody attacked him. I said he blew off what I told him I needed him to do. He did -- he completely ignored it. (Because he has ignored my needs 100% for so long he thinks it's a good game plan.)

Second, there was never a question asked. Lol. Let alone "cryptic". I was concise and to the point. Wow.

So, he has let me know he is going to stop talking to me for a few days until I get back in line to his demands. I suppose that's intended as a punishment.

He's forgetting something though.... For nearly two years I haven't give him what he wants. But he still keeps texting me, pestering me. *sigh* Thinking it will work. Thinking he's controlling me. Basically just irritating me with every message.

So where's the punishment? I'm looking forward to being unharassed! He was just looking for an excuse to blow off my upcoming birthday, as he has always done.

Maybe he will realize that I don't have to receive communication from him if I don't want.

It's all up to me.

So punish me baby! I could use the peace and quiet! Lol

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