Saturday, February 9, 2013

Race Day

Headache? Check.
Aching Shins? Check.
Uncontrollable Sneezing? Check.
Coughing? Check.
Sore throat? Check.
Overwhelming phlegm production? Check.
Bloody taste in the back of my mouth? Check. What's that about, anyway?
Dragging leg? Check. (By the way, thanks, piriformis.)
Exhaustion? Check.
Worst finish time ever? Check.
Feeling of being an utter loser and failure? Check. Check. Highlighted. I don't want to do this any more. Ever.
Endorphins? What are those, and why don't I have them?
Cold house to return to? Check.

Must be a race day. Thanks for the BioFreeze samples. I'm going to bed now. My dog is trying to cheer me up by letting me play with his favorite squeaky toy.

At least I wasn't last this time, though I didn't finish fast enough for the finish line people to care that I even finished. I love it when they don't have any more water at the end for the slow people, too.

All the little things that could happen, did, but before we even got to the road, I wanted to quit. It just wasn't any fun. The worst problem was my mindset. When that goes wrong, every pebble seems like a boulder.

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