Monday, February 11, 2013

Sweaty Start to the "Big Week"

This week I will be 42 on Thursday. (Yeah, Valentine's Day, and no, it isn't really a week full of feasting and dancing for me.) everyone is always broke and / or busy for mine, though I never am when theirs comes around. Anyway, I like that my age will be an even number. The odd numbers seem to have bad years attached. Lets not dwell on that, or you'll start calling me a fat, bitter, lonely old maid. Whoops, sorry, I bet you already did. Ha ha ha. ;)

I went to bed at 10:00 last night. Gasp! Does this mean I'm a reformed night owl? Let's hope so! Lol. My eyes popped open at 5 am, after a very calm dream about playfully running after one of my nephews in a forest.

My whole chest area was covered in sweat. As it is most every morning, even though I'm waking up in a 65 degree bedroom. (Don't give me the "You're too young for that" speech. I most definitely am NOT too young. But thanks for playing.). I couldn't get cool after that, even with all my skin exposed in a cold room with a ceiling fan blasting. It was cold enough that my dog stayed under the covers, ok?

I was so awake I was thinking about taking a predawn run in my dangerous neighborhood, but I wasn't sure if my shins could handle it. I tried to go back to sleep, but it was impossible.

Maybe it was a sign from God that I should have gotten up and found some way to exercise. Maybe driven to the gym and hopped onto the elliptical, at least, in all my peri menopausal sweaty glory. Well, in my gym clothes, I mean. Haha

If it happens again tomorrow, I will take it as a sign of one or two things:

1. My body loved getting right at seven hours of sleep, and that's my optimum amount.
2. God is waking me up for morning cardio and I'd better make it so. ;)

I just need to find some kind of high energy breakfast or supplement that will make me feel absolutely energized for my workout. Any suggestions?

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