Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tick Tock

Tick Tock, my migraines progress like a clock.
God help me when the clock ceases forward progress and starts running backward, as it does sometimes.

They start at 7, then proceed clockwise from the base of my skull, to 9 on the left side, then 10 near my left temple, to 11, 12, and 1 across my forehead.

I tried to sleep it away and have lost most of the day as a result. I got to see the last few minutes of daylight while I made a very strong cup of coffee (too strong to sweeten into pleasantness, actually), and wondered that there was still light at nearly 5 pm in the winter. Although I know the days are slowly growing longer again, they still aren't long enough for me.

I tried Tylenol, ice packs (they're just fabulous for confusing my inner thermostat... The heat's on the blink again, I'm covered in ice, and sweating in my bed anyway), sinus medicine, water (how do I get so dehydrated in ONE day of not guzzling water, which I hate? Is this an Aquarius thing?), sleeping, and now a megadose of caffeine. I even tried extra b vitamins yesterday. *sigh*

I slept through 3 and 4 o'pain and Quincy gently kissed me awake for a weewee break outside. Now the pain is at 5 o'clock in my skull, and I'm hoping that it doesn't go for another sweep around my head.

What caused this? I don't know. Could be PMS, could be that I don't typically have coffee on weekends (and no soda to take its place), could be sudden dehydration. It could be because i wore my glasses yesterday. It kept me from the gym yesterday, which frustrates me, now that I've figured out how to fairly and legally rack up real miles for the mileage contest at work. I guess that will be this week's rest day, officially.

(No, I still don't consider wearing a pedometer to count every step you take for the day as fair. It's cheating. They are supposed to be miles of deliberate exercising, not every step taken in your day.)

I didn't sleep much later than I did this week or last. I'm trying to put myself on a "good" sleep schedule, and by golly, I intend for it to be permanent, if only because my moods seem a little more stable on 7+ hours a sleep a night. (Though I'm doing it for the sake of weight loss. Just trying to balance my life a bit since it seems I will have to achieve perfection in all areas to start losing weight for good.)

Now don't get all know-it-all and tell me I don't have migraines because they don't fit the textbook definition of how yours strike. Those would be typical migraines, and not everyone has exactly the same type of headache but really DOES have a true migraine. There are atypical migraines. It doesn't make my migraines special, just a little different. I still have noise, smell, and light sensitivity, and the feeling that my head will explode if I so much as lean forward. Random nausea.

Resentfulness that I'm being controlled by pain I can't alleviate unless I beg for serious drugs * from a doctor that will mess with hormone levels, and therefore my weight. I'd prefer a homeopathic route, since I'm trying to head into the practice of clean eating.

Actually, I was going to spend some time yesterday planning my ("clean") meals for the week, and today shopping for them and cooking, but I got kneecapped by the migraine. If it loosens it's grip, I still have the holiday tomorrow to get started. And I could still have a useful late evening tonight at the gym.... I'll just have to shift my bedtime back a little later, or just find a way to get to sleep in a hurry after an hour of cardio.

* I'm going to donate blood this week. I can't have a bunch of blood-thinning chemicals in my system.

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