Monday, February 25, 2013

Understand Yet? I don't. :(

Miles last week: 61.86
Calories burned: 5,315

I'm only sharing this as a gesture of futility.

These are screenshots from my health insurance's website where I have to record all of my exercise. After all of this sweaty exercise and calories burned, rather than losing another pound and a half, I gained two pounds over the weekend.

I said I would give it a full three months to start seeing results. Looks like the only results I'm going to see are continual pound additions. (And no, my clothes aren't getting any looser.).

Feel fortunate if your body responds to major amounts of exercise by losing fat. Mine doesn't. Unfortunately, there is still an awkward 12 year old girl in here sniffling because no one is ever going to love her. Except now she's lived long enough to see that it's true, and now she's not even a skinny kid anymore.

* I was going to say, you better love me for who I am, because my body isn't going to improve. But that's quite the joke already.

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