Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Back to Clean Eating

If I haven't mentioned it before, I just returned from a five day cruise to the Bahamas. Here are the facts:

It was a Carnival ship, but not one of the ones which had problems. Now I know why our cruise director was making jokes about the ship sinking. Lol. We found out on the shuttle back t the airport.

By the way, the cruise Director, Matt Mitcham, has a voice that just poured over me like warm melted caramel. When he spoke, I had to listen. *sigh* Brummie accent too. :). Some voices just do that to me. His was the second I've heard like that. Too bad he's too young for me!

I didn't exercise on the ship, other than a lot of walking and stair climbing. I was hurting too much most of the time. (Blame my running shoes... I'm buying new ones STAT.) See my post about chronic nerve pain for more on that. Right now, with these shoes, even walking is excruciating. Next time, I need shoes made sturdier for heavy people and people who hit the ground hard when they run, like me. :D

I didn't stick too well with clean eating, but I did make an attempt. :) cantaloupe... Need I say more? I figured that eating a few more calories and the cutting back to normal with my strenuous exercise routine might shock my system int showing some weight loss results.

Oh, and I didn't gain any weight on my cruise. I tried a lot of new things, and I didn't skip dessert. Of course, I didn't finish most of my desserts either. :D. They were great -- i just filled up on the previous courses and only wanted tastes of the sweet stuff. some of it was too rich to finish, however.

My legs swelled and cankled, but that was all, and probably due to the flying I did. I think I could become anorexic and my legs would swell anyway.

So yesterday I had oatmeal with almonds, tuna salad with Greek yogurt (out of Chobani locally though... A pox on this store!), apples, raw almonds, (okay, a bag of baked Cheetos), and pan seared portobellos for dinner (they are SO yummy!), with a couple of protein shakes in there somewhere. And one pack of Sport Beans. (I was SO tired before the gym.) I've got to figure out some easy-prep varied clean meals though... I can't eat tuna every day.

I'm still absolutely tickled about the machines hearing the signal from my heart rate monitor. :).

And today... Would be an excellent day for my LUSH order to arrive. :)

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