Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bad Kinda Day

Everybody has a bad day occasionally. Mine is still going on. :).

Really, I need to see some measurable changes in myself, other than sheer exhaustion overhanging from last night. I'm still worn out after a full night of sleep, so I didn't hit the gym before work this morning, as my anger had directed me to. By this morning my anger was bullying my psyche, so I just hid under the covers until 6:45.

Last night I was freezing, the house was cold, I was tired, and I went to sleep early wearing my thick, fuzzy zebra pjs. Lately I sweat profusely from the waist up so I sleep in a T-shirt, but not last night.

Last night I woke up sweating all over, sure that it was my usual 5 am sweat attack. Nope. It was a few minutes after midnight. I kept waking up drenched every hour and a half. And I didn't feel hot in my pjs, exactly. I was too cold to get them off. *sigh*. Whatever.

So apparently I was burning some serious calories while I slept. It made me think of what I saw when I got out of the tanning bed last night -- about half a cup of sweat pooled from under my back and legs. It was surreal. And kind of gross. I cleaned it well. Eww.

If only....

If only my sweating was ever linked to burning fat. I can never see much difference. Usually none. It's been a year and ten months of hard work in the gym, and I've got no improvement to show, except for a newfound ability to sweat ammonia, thankssomuch. And three dead pairs of running shoes. Lol. That's so helpful.

Well, maybe I'm a little stronger. I was weak as a kitten, but now I've moved up to cat. Fat cat.

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