Sunday, March 24, 2013

Don't Trust the Wet Foot Test Completely

Okay, back from Memphis (my dear brother drove. Thanks!) with new running shoes for my naughty feet. They are cute feet, but they will not behave and cause me a lot of pain and misery. They need some firm-handed correction. And someone to rub them when they hurt. But I digress...

I'm trying Brooks Dyad 7s because they were out of Asics Nimbus 14s in my size. I may order some online anyway because I need to alternate my shoes to slow the wear on them. She did say the Nimbus might be a good choice for me.

These shoes are actually listed for people with flat feet, so the arch support is minimal. She told me I have extremely high arches, which is true. But you can't tell that from the wet footprint test, because I naturally put my weight on the outsides of my feet where it looks like I have normal arches. Still, the arch supports in the Cumulus that i had eventually bothered me - I don't like the feeling of anything pressed against my arches very firmly. It kinda hurts, which makes me roll my foot out even further to avoid the touching. Ha ha. Self perpetuating problem.

Maybe I need some orthotics. I'll give it a week and see if I'm still hurting. If these shoes don't work, I can return them, anyway.

I think these Brooks are intended to retrain feet into proper pronation and striking, and are considered a beginner's shoe. They are some of the heaviest shoes, because of the thick cushioning on bottom. Maybe they will help me. They are certainly wide enough! They seem huge to me. Lol magic shoes? I dunno. Lol

Today I've been crazily run-down feeling, like I was on the verge of fainting. Drunk, even. My blood sugar feels out of whack, so waking up in the morning may be ... Problematic. I haven exercised since Thursday when I started being so tired (and winter came back full force), so I'm at a loss about the cause of my fatigue.

Nearly fainted a couple of times when I got home tonight, and I'm in bed very early. Hopefully I'll feel normal tomorrow. I suspect I'm just not eating enough. Veggies take up a lot of room in your tummy, I'm discovering. It's hard to eat and drink (water) as much as I'm supposed to without feeling stuffed all the time.

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