Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gait Analysis Tomorrow

....maybe.... If I'm lucky. Lol

Six months ago I went to Fleet Feet In Memphis for a running shoe fitting. The guy who helped me just had me walk thru the store, then jog a little, and then brought me a few pairs of shoes to try on. One pair was just perfect and served me well for about five months. Then the pain set in and I didn't realize I'd worn out my shoes.

Well... Other people that went there for shoes tell me they got on the treadmill and ran, got videotaped, etc. *Pout!* They didn't do that much for me! Okay, I realized the other day that it's just possible that my train wreck of a running gait is so glaringly obvious it wasn't necessary to watch me run at all. Lol

This time at least I have an obvious wear pattern on a proper pair of running shoes fitted to my running problem. I'm fairly certain they'll say I'm supinating and I have high arches and a rigid forefoot, which explains the outsides of my feet hurting even when i walk barefoot on carpet. But I want verification that I'm correct in what I've figured out.

I've been wearing Asics Cumulus, and I think I need the Nimbus model because it's a little more of a serious runner's shoe, and built for shoe pounders like me. Lol. Sturdy. Unfortunately, the crazy "Lite Bright" color choice isn't available in wide shoes. Just a calm black, purple (! I love purple!) and blue version. No excuses for me to buy the clown shoes there. But I want 'em. ;). I might be able to wear normal width shoes, but as I've said before, tight clothes make me claustrophobic and tight shoes ruin my day and sometimes make me panic. Just like I did when I was a kid trapped in a tight turtleneck. I freaked out!

I don't remember being this hard on shoes as a kid, but... We wore them just as foot covers anyway, until they were ragged, or the next school year started, or we outgrew them. Barefoot was the way as much as possible. Now we have to make all sorts of shoe considerations just to keep us from turning into Jabba the Hutt on the couch. Still, I'm glad shoe companies differentiate for different foot needs.

I was rubbing my shins with my Lush massage bar (for moisturizing, primarily) and noticed my shins are actually kind of cut with definition now. Wow... Results right there! Now those results need to spread to the rest of me, other than my bootay. Guess what my summer project is going to be?

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