Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hacked My New Shoes

So, the Brooks Dyad 7s turned out to be so big once I got used to them that my feet are turning down inside them. I just can't make my feet behave.

The problem is that I need the sole of the shoe to be wide enough I can't stand on the outsides, but the inside needs to be snug enough that my foot can't turn under, yet my toes can wiggle around freely. It's always freaked me out a bit when my toes were constricted in shoes that were too tight. I suppose you could say I've got claustrophobic toes.

I tried to think of something flexible and soft enough to line the outsides of my shoes, under the insoles so that it wouldn't move around. Clear plastic tubing seemed worth a try, and I just happened to have some.

Because I'm a MacGyver kinda chick, darn it. I have flashes of usefulness occasionally.

It seems to have worked, though more testing is necessary. So I've encouraged my naughty little feet to stop dipping down at the outsides by raising their limits. My feet and ankles stopped hurting quite so dreadfully today, but my left calf and right knee are complaining a bit. Who knows, I may have gotten it right, and my legs are giving up their compensation for my unsteady and unbalanced gait. Could be.

Could be I still have a visit to a specialist in my new future.

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