Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hey, I Felt That!

Tonight at the gym I did my cardio first (33 minutes of the fat-burning program on the elliptical trainer) and then went for my weightlifting. Yes, I know that you're supposed to do cardio afterward to make sure that you have enough energy to finish all your sets with good form, but that doesn't work at all for me. It leaves me tired just at the beginning of my weightlifting.

Cardio first, on the other hand, pumps me full of oxygen and keeps me going. I have to do what works for me or I won't get in a good workout, correct?

I grabbed 8 pound dumbbells (hey, last time I used 5 lb ones) and decided to do some bicep curls. I ended up doing six sets of 15 reps each, slowly enough to use proper form.

Usually I fail miserably at the bicep curl machine because I just can't keep my shoulders still. They move in and out while I'm lifting and it seems like I'm straining them pretty much every time. It wasn't hard to control with free weights, though, while I watched myself in the mirror. Just checking for form, mind you, but it gave me a positive feeling to see that I didn't look like a complete idiot doing my curls. I looked pretty good. Lol

And for the first time I could actually FEEL my biceps working. I never feel that with the machine. It was so awesome that I did six sets, as I've said. I felt like being productive, since I'm gonna be sore anyway.

Triceps kickbacks... Ugh... I did six sets of 15 reps of those as well, but my form was a bit wobbly. I did six sets of triceps extensions on the machine after the kickbacks, with a higher weight than before. Yayyyy me!

Adductors and abductors, and the hated glute machine which is shaping up my butt. On the bright side, I was texting thru an amusing conversation while I did my glutes, and when he made me laugh, it made the work a LOT easier. Other people get endorphins from exertion.... I don't. But I think I get them from laughing during exertion. Gotta be careful though, because if I start laughing uncontrollably while I'm exercising, I just might wet my pants. Caution, indeed!

Did some seated rowing, and I'm not sure yet if that's doing things right, because my freaking breasts get in the way of my fully pulling the handles back. But what can I do? I don't know a modification for THAT problem.

I know I'm going to be sore tomorrow, but I burned 773 calories according to my Polar monitor.

:) That's worth a tired grin.


  1. :) Free weights are the bomb!! Get a trainer to show you how to do your rows with dumbbells too. I never feel the same results from a machine as I do with simple body weight (squats and lunges), and dumbbells and barbells. You Go Girl!

  2. :). I think I might buy some dumbbells to use at home, if I can find somewhere to keep them.