Sunday, March 17, 2013


People who know me best understand that since my eyes are failing me (and have been since the age of nine -- it's not exactly a news flash) my sense of smell is one that I try to nurture. Or maybe coddle. :)

I love good smelling stuff. Add to that good feeling stuff, and you've got a recipe to make me smile.

For years, I've said Bath and Body Works is my second favorite store. Amazon is the forerunner though. Books. Need I say more? Lately B&BW has disappointed me by retiring every fragrance that I've fallen into a passionate state of entrancement with.

First it was Lavender Flowers. Then it was Tranquil Mint, which was my migraine therapy. Then they started cutting back on the Twisted Peppermint line. And now they've discontinued Black Amethyst. *sniffle* It seems I have the kiss of death.

When my co-travelers' luggage was lost en route to Italy last summer, the airline provided toiletry samples from L'Occitaine in the kit. My roommate, Brandi, enjoyed the samples so much that she found their store while we were in Florence, and bought a few of their products. Verbena was my favorite. It's a crisp, lemony smell full of bright freshness.

However, I felt weird about buying the same fragrances that she bought (hello, weird stalker-seeming copycat?) so I just made happy with their generous samples. I didn't try the Shea butter hand cream until Thursday night, though, when I wanted my dragon-scaled sunburned lower legs to stop flaking and hold onto my Bahamian tan.

Wow, that's some rich stuff! It did the trick very well. Scales be gone!

I don't understand why my legs and arms stay so dry when the other parts of me go crazy with oiliness. Even when I'm drinking plenty of water, they all stay ashy. Which is gross and growing worse as I get older.

So I planned to hit the L'Occitaine store in the Atlanta airport. As luck would have it, we arrived from Orlando at something like gate A1, and walked all the way to gate A30 for departure. The store just happened to be right after gate 27. :) <--- happy me.

The salesgirl gave my sister and me a snotty attitude when we entered. Nothing like the friendly folk in Florence. My sister and I had a minor argument upon entering; she insisted I was there to buy Shea butter hand cream, but I really wanted some Verbena products. The hand cream was really a minor consideration for me.

I countered the snotty clerk's attitude by telling her "I'm going to buy these; would you hold them for me please?" as I continued to shop alone and selected several more items that I wanted, including 2 of the hand creams and two accompanying body creams. (A surprise gift for my sister, who needed a little pick-me-up.) it's funny how her attitude changed when I became assertive with her. It's not usually my style, but she seemed to be judging me on my traveling clothes and I wanted to see how well my idea worked to act like she was there to serve me.

Oh gee. That's right -- she actually WAS there to serve me. I suppose I was a little spoiled by my earlier visit to LUSH, where the salespeople made us feel very welcome. More on that visit In another post.

So yes, I made myself a happy girl with a little splurge on some great smelling skin care items. I've decided it's worthwhile to pamper myself a little bit. :)

PS - I have NO idea how to pronounce the name L'Occitaine. I'm not even sure I spelled it correctly. Lol

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