Friday, March 29, 2013

Lush In the Shower

No! I haven't been drinking. Bwaaahaaa!

I Lushed out as much as I could in the shower earlier, and now I'm doing my housework smelling like a combo of Rosé Jam and Karma soap. :). It's pretty heady stuff, despite the patchouli that was involved.

In March 1989, I was working in a local music store at our mall, when Madonna's Like a Prayer album was released. It was my senior year of high school, and I was head over heels in love with my boyfriend of three weeks at the time. How heady the beginning stage of love, indeed.

I had the coolest job I could have wanted in our little town, because I worked all the time and had no social life, but I worked at the main (legal) teen hangout in town. I got to see and meet lots of people. I also got to climb way up to the high ceiling of the store on a ladder and create awesome album displays that really made the creative artist in me happy. :)

When that album was released, as a publicity gimmick, the cardboard packaging had been scented with patchouli oil, at the request of the reigning queen of pop music, Madonna. I had the honor of opening the first box containing the new album. It stunk to high heaven! Too much patchouli.... I've had reservations about that stuff ever since.

However, was given a sample slice of Karma soap during my visit to Lush a few weeks ago and decided to use it this afternoon in the shower. It wasn't just a patchouli scent -- it's a blend, but it smelled so satisfying to me in the store that I wanted some.

So I used it and then slathered my arms and legs in Ro's Argan Body Conditioner. :). I smelled so yummily like Rose Jam that my dog was licking water droplets off my feet when I got out. Now the rose scent has faded and I can smell the Karma on my skin.

I like it. :) Fortunately, the patchouli doesn't knock you down. Now I know why Karma is their signature scent. I just smells comfortable and good. I can imagine a man smelling of this would be totally unsafe in my presence. I'd become a serious cuddle-hog just to smell him.

But that's how I roll. Don't judge. Lol

So, if you're shopping for me at Lush (okay, if you're shopping for yourself instead), I recommend these: Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, Karma soap, and Angels on Bare Skin face scrub. Probably the Rub, Rub, Rub body scrub as well, but I can't find the sample they gave me. :(. Guess I need to go shopping or just steal what my sister ordered and has just left here, because I'm a storage place.

I'd really love to get one of their Brightside bubble bars though. *sigh* But they are a limited time only item and still out of stock. Boo.

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