Sunday, March 17, 2013


After disembarking from our cruise, we had to wait at the Orlando airport in the main terminal for several hours before our flight. We weren't allowed past security until two hours before our flight, so we did a little shopping. That airport is like a freaking mall.

Around one corner we found the only Lush airport store, and the first Lush shop I've ever seen. I'd heard that it was like a luxury Bath and Body Works, which I love. All of the Lush products are advertised as handmade and environmentally friendly. Yay. I love that.

The store smelled wonderful. Not exactly fake perfumy, but fruity and flowery. Luscious. *sigh*. It was Bath and Body Works on all-natural steroids.

We were met as we browsed by a rather enthusiastic young man who proceeded to give me a hand and arm scrub and massage, and then rub me with an in-shower body lotion that smelled like Rose Jam and left me feeling like I had silky skin. (Ro's Argan Body Conditioner - I bought it and have been enjoying it ever since. )

I loved that store. Being a cautious shopper very mindful of the 3-1-1 security check coming up, I worried about buying much that was liquid, but they gave us free shipping on the liquids, and that was a huge help.

I also bought a Wiccy Magic Massage Bar (yeah, I realize about the name, and no, I don't care) and use that to tame my ashy legs. Lol it smells like cinnamon and peppermint. Now I just need to order a couple more lotion bars before it gets too warm to ship them. Yikes. Unless of course, someone is going through Orlando's airport and wouldn't mind picking some up for me? I also need some bubble bars. :D. Yeah, I know. I'll order them online.

I've been using their Angels on Bare Skin scrub on my face and it feels great, but it might be a little too oily for my T-zone. I'm not sure yet. I had a little flare up a week ago, but I tamed it with some of my usual meds.

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