Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Neato Gym Tech!

I bought a heart rate monitor a couple of weeks ago because I wanted to see if I was REALLY doing anything at the gym. I intended to compare the BPM on the machines t the monitor strapped to my own ribs.

I got a surprise. My monitor not only transmitted the data to my watch readout, it also sent the data to the Precor treadmill and elliptical machines I was using!

Normally the elliptical registers me at 178 BPM and stops working from there. Tonight it stayed in the 160s range and I really had to kill myself to see 180. All the while my watch was beeping warningly for me to cut out the max heart rate shenanigans.

So I'm sharing my first full readout, if for nothing else than to prove I'm not faking any of this exercise. I didn't include the extra 100+ calories it said I burned driving home. (I didn't know how to turn it off just yet.)

I finally see that I'm accomplishing something proveable.

Well, that and my butt, which is becoming defined enough that other people can see the shape changing. This is a good thing, because I hate doing the glute press machine with a purple passion. I added another five pounds to it tonight, so there. :)

I do realize my wrist is at a weird angle, wrinkling the skin horribly, but I was at the gym dealing with glare.

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