Friday, March 22, 2013

Only ten pounds

I did some work with ten pound dumb bells last night, and my shoulders are KILLING me. Not the muscles... Down inside, in the sockets.

Well crap. I mean, who can't do ten pounds with a bicep curl? Really? I'm that weak? I've gotta work on this.

So no, that's not a new old lady perfume I'm sporting. It's Blue Goo. Say what it may, I do smell a strong sport cream scent, but I can feel it penetrating my skin, anyway, and it's nice. It has glucosamine in it, so maybe it might make my achy shoulders feel better.

My week off at the gym is well over with, so why am I feeling so tired and achy all the time, still? I couldn't possibly be overdoing this -- it'll take an hour of cardio daily for me to lose, along with weightlifting.

Feels like an ouchy catch-22 to me.

I can handle muscle soreness, but when pain is radiating out from my bones and not the muscles, I have to wonder what is going on.

Oh well, at least I have a kickin' tan. :)

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