Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The "Gay" Thing

Because I don't believe that I'm here to force my beliefs upon anyone else, I'm not taking a big public stand on the gay marriage issue by having a Facebook avatar war. I'm straight, aways have been, and expect to remain so. There's just something I like about the idea of a man stronger than I am, and able to make me feel safe in his presence. I like men, even though I've known some that are absolutely rotten to the core. As you do with either gender, depending.

I have several friends who are gay, and I can't begrudge them their happiness. Some of them I didn't know it for many years into our friendship. So what?

I'm a tad envious of anyone who finds that special someone to love them, and I don't have the energy or interest to throw stones at them. Hey, alone isn't great. I've got tons of experience to say that.

But anyhow, I can state it this way, and maybe you can understand where the true potential for fear lies.

I've never been sexually assaulted by a gay man or woman. The ones guilty of assaulting me were definitely straight men. Men with violence and deviance issues, but straight. Psychos. And straight.

So I'm sorry, but I can't participate in the witch hunt. I don't think that's a step toward having a better world. Hate isn't a positive tool when you lash others who never harmed you with it.

You can tell them they're going to hell if you want, but who is to say you won't be joining them in that handbasket for your judgmentalism and hatred? Hey, didn't the Bible warn something about judging other people?

I'd really rather see that hatred and energy being used to protect children from predators. Can't we do that instead?

Oh.... I guess this means I'm going to Hell too.... I kinda figured that.


  1. Some maybe judging the person, others the sin. If we truly believe in the Bible, then we know that homosexuality is a sin in Gods eyes.

    My problem with "Same sex marriage" is, your social security is set up in a way that is male, female. One will collect 100% of SS, the other 50% of their SS. In same sex marriage if they both collect 100%. Now how is that justifiable to one man one woman marriage? For the record, I'm 100% against same sex marriage because I believe in the word of God. I believe word for word, cover to cover the Word of God!

    1. Never having been afforded a married person's benefits, I haven't investigated the monetary perks for being married. A married person can't collect two people's benefits simultaneously, though.

    2. Personally, I've worked long enough to know that I am entitled to all of my own benefits, single or not. I'd hate to think that I was disallowed my own benefits because I did or didn't get married.

    3. On the other hand, I'm not counting on Social Security remaining solvent