Tuesday, March 26, 2013

They've Got a Name For That... MDDS

Mal de debarquement Syndrome, or MDDS for short.

Basically, it means that several days after getting off a ship, I've got some nasty dizziness and vertigo bothering me. It's not my imagination. I'm not drunk. But my ears and brain are having a hard time getting used to flat land after a little motion of the ocean. It most commonly (90%) happens to women between 40-50 and is probably related to estrogen & progesterone levels.

Well well... We all KNOW I've got plenty of estrogen, now don't we? Lol. Just take a look at my profile. I could have been a real breeder. ;). But that has been taken out of the equation and sometimes I'm really relieved. Sometimes not so much, but I couldn't have had a family without someone else's consent / cooperation anyway, so I'll just accept that it's part of my fate, and hope for great-nieces and great-nephew to cuddle someday.

It could happen. I know at least my nephews understand that I'm really a calm and sane responsible person beneath my goofy exterior. You can't let just anyone see the real you, ya know. Lol

Anyway, I don't want to be put on clonazepam or antidepressants to fix it, so maybe it will just fade away. Hopefully FAST. I almost passed out in front of a lass today. That could have been embarrassing.

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