Friday, March 29, 2013

Today's Thoughts

Some inspired by Facebook, some just random thoughts.

Was Jesus' hair long or short?
Why does it matter?? I didn't read the whole tract about it, but isn't hairstyle generally (with a few exceptions, like some monks who shave bald and those who are tonsured) an issue of vanity? It's Good Friday - I'm thinking that sacrifice and resurrection are the point, not hairstyle.

I know, you don't have to say it again -- I'm going to Hell for that. And for not attending your church. I was told there are over 400 churches officially recognized in my tiny town, so what are the chances I'd be saved by just picking the right building? Your building. Hmm. Lol. Please forgive me Father, for I have sinned, though I suspect You have a sense of humor.

My dog loves to make me giggle. If he gives me a tickling kiss and I giggle, he keeps at it until I have to make him stop. He now walks on my back when I ask him to. Usually. :). I've got my own mini-masseuse back walker, and it's awesome to feel 8 pounds of paw pressure when I need it, however briefly he may oblige me. I obliged him today by untangling his leash where he was tied out and tangled himself out in the rain. I further obliged him by toweling him off and blow-drying his hair to stop his shivering. He loved it and I'm glad he's not afraid of the hair dryer, though there is that pesky "I hate baths" thing.

I added a shot of espresso to my protein shake and it is a GOOOOOOOOD thing. :). It's just long-weekend headache prevention. Yayyyyy.....

Last night at the gym was kind of a yuck, and probably my fault because I started in the standing tanning booth. On the other hand, I was all kinds of tired already and almost skipped working out completely. I got 2/3 of the way through my leg extensions and fatigue with a capital F hit in the middle. I realized that if I didn't take it easy, I was going to strain something. I managed one mile of walking and I was done for the day. Worn out. I can't feel too badly about it though. At least I tried.

I think I'm in a body-transition period. (Not that it'll stop me from trying.) Meaning? Though I've skipped the usual womanly rites of passage of getting married, pregnancy, having children and raising them, grandchildren, social ladder climbing (though that one never appealed to me) and all the rest, I can't avoid hormonal changes.

I know they can happen over a ten year period, and that being childless has caused mine to start earlier. No problem yet, as it so far just means that the monthly torture is a lot easier to deal with. :D. The night sweats I could pass on, but I can make my bedroom colder and not notice it quite so much. Oh, I've got an increased risk of breast cancer, but I didn't choose to be childless ultimately anyway.

All I mean is that I may have to stop pretending at the gym that I'm still 25 years old and figure out a plan a bit more suitable to someone "my age", but only because I've been wearing myself out lately. Overtraining, yep, I'm guilty, but only because I want to see some changes happen fast. (Maybe I'm unrealistic there.) My calves are pretty cut, my thighs are getting smaller, and so is my belly. It's also been noticed that my butt is taking on a nice shape and my arms and legs are toning up. (The last half was a male opinion. I did get a second opinion from a male that said I do look like I'm getting smaller overall.).

It would be hard for anyone who sees me in my daily clothes to notice any big changes in me, because I usually wear baggy clothes, and I haven't rushed out to buy smaller ones yet. I don't like constricting clothing. Here's the obvious change I have seen in my clothes: my fitted workout capris aren't snug anymore! They're wrinkling loosely and finally providing a little modesty in places I'd been wishing I had for the month I've had them. Lol That center seam provided some embarrassing and unnecessary definition at times.

I keep mistaking Bottlecaps for Razzles. If I eat a Bottlecap, I realize I was thinking of Razzles, and wish I had SweetTarts or Spree instead. I think fondly back to my toddler days when my brother would hold my hand as he walked me barefoot to one of the many neighborhood mom & pop stores that used to be in Milltown. I remember Davis' Grocery that was a street behind our grandmother's house, and getting to eat some Razzles he bought there. (Don't you just love random subject changes?)

My sister was probably holding our brother's other hand, but my two or three year old's world was pretty much centered on my own point of view at the time.

I also remember drinking a Capri Sun predecessor (it was a drink pouch with a straw) at a store closer to our duplex. I think that may have been called Winchester's Grocery, but it's hard to know the names when you don't yet know how to read.

Dusty barefoot feet, I remember, as well as the fallen green apples in the yard behind our duplex, rotten and squishing thickly between my toes. I remember at the time that my only worry in the world was that some day I would go to school and they would make me play basketball there, and I didn't want to. It sounded like torture to me.

This I considered as I sat in an upturned cushioned footstool, pretending it was a boat, using the legs to rock back and forth on the sea of the living room floor. I watched Big Blue Marble on TV and somehow understood the concept of a planet and the shot of Earth from space was the planet I lived on. That was when I was thinking that I was glad I was a girl and not a boy because they make boys play basketball at school, but not girls. How wrong I was about that, lol.

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