Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ceuf - Hannibal's Missing Episode 4

First of all, I want to know what was so bad about the episode that I will not be shown in the US. Something about violence to children was mentioned as a reason. So they cut the offensive parts and made the rest look as if all the rest is happy going in psychiatry.

I'm confused... So Hannibal goes to Will's house and feeds his dogs... Sausages. (Probably homemade and human in origin. ick.) I don't understand why Will was out of town. Maybe it was the case of kids being brainwashed to kill kids? I understand NBC's decision not to air the episode was out of respect for Sandy Hook, but they haven't yanked The Hunger Games.


Hannibal convinces Abigail to drink psilocybin mushroom tea. Wow. Then he lies about it to her angry doctor and says it was half a Valium, all the while the poor girl is seriously tripping. Supposedly, it's to help her stop the memories of her father from being painful. Not only that, but did he at some (unshown) point offer to let Abigail live with him? Not only is that setting off the usual pervert flags for me (Really? Move in with a middle-aged man who is acting uncharacteristically paternal?) but there's another reg flag waving around. Hmm.

At some point next season, Mason Verger and his sister Margot enter the picture. It won't have happened yet in this storyline, but since Lecter gives him Amyl Nitrate, PCP, and meth, then tells him to cut off his face and feed it to his dog, I'm kinda worried what "guidance" he's providing for Abigail while she's under the influence of that drug. Maybe he told the truth and is going to merely convince her to stop feeling so hurt when she remembers her father.

Then again, maybe he's going to see if he can't turn her into a killer himself so he can have some company. All that talk about keeping secrets between them makes Hannibal seem like the creepiest uncle ever, regardless of the serial killer / cannibal element. Please tell me he's not a child molester too. That's the vibe I'm getting, and it makes me feel sicker than the goriest scenes from "Coquilles". In any case, he's definitely grooming her for ... something icky.

NBC has posted the sanitized pieces of "Ceuf" on their website. I'm still wondering... who is the woman it shows in the current preview, that Hannibal grabs by the throat? What is Crawford's deal with asking his wife if it's too late for them to have children, because she looks like she's well over the age of 40. (Stupid question!).

Why does Hannibal finish the fishing lure that Will was working on, and then use the hook to prick his finger with it? Is that to demonstrate his desire to have Will become a part of him (dinner, perhaps?) as Hobbs has become part of Will? Did he see Will's blood on the hook, and he wants to join their blood together on the end of the hook?

It's interesting to note that in "Coquilles," the dogs are trying to protect Will while he is sleepwalking. Winston takes that walk down the middle of the road, right by his side. All of the dogs are barking frantically from inside the windows when he sleepwalks his way to the edge of the roof.

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