Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Melting Like a Yeti in July

Finally, spring has arrived, approximately one month late. Two days of warm sunshine plus a cold front coming through means severe weather tomorrow night. Probably a tornado, though I hope not.

The gym was pretty warm, but my body turned on the sweat in a hurry anyway because I was running. I was challenging myself to faster speeds pretty early, because I need to get used to it if I ever want to improve my speed. Besides, I realized that running slow causes me to have sloppy (meaning shin splint causing) form, but when I speed up to about 6 mph, I stop flopping my legs around and streamline everything. I don't want to be a slow runner anyway. :)

I had sweat not just dripping off me -- it was pouring off me in little rivulets. My shirt changed colors. Lol. I used the glute machine after that and I could feel my face burning hot and red, but when I put my head down to do the moves, sweat was dripping off faster and faster. It had to look pretty darn funny, with my heart rate beyond my so-called target heart rate. I was definitely close to my max.

Fortunately, I managed not to start coughing and wheezing. I sound pretty pathetic right now, but I can't seem to cough it all out. Still having an allergic reaction to something blooming out there.

Well, I'm not having the instant change I would like to have :) but I do feel stronger. Walking doesn't hurt like it used to and I'm walking straighter, at least. I had noticed before my hips were developing a wobble that I feared would become a waddle. Strength is the key after all. The weight machines I've avoided are precisely the ones I have to work harder on. Maybe I'll put on enough muscle to eventually start burning up some of my fat. :) heaven knows that running alone won't do it and weak muscles make running painful.

Hey... I'm up to 125 lbs on the leg press now. :)

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