Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ow, My Eye!

Genius me, I scratched my eye last night while getting ready for bed. Pain, tears so bad my nose ran most of the night. It's still bothering me (irritated & red) this morning, so I've begged my sister to get me an appointment with my eye doctor right after state testing ends for the day.

I'm concerned about possible infection because of the blood vessels growing into my corneas. That's happened because years of wearing contact lenses has starved my cornea for air. Unfortunately, my glasses are so strong they give me migraines when I wear them.

You know the saying, "Men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses"? I was raised on it because I had to wear glasses from the fourth grade on. It turned out to be true for me, which blows my mind when I see other people with glasses who aren't alone. I took too much teasing over my glasses growing up to ever get over it, I suppose. What can I say, except that when so many people called me ugly (even grownups who should have cared enough not to be so cruel), it finally became a part of my self-image. Thanks for that. I'll never really forget it. Karma's a bitch, just wait and seeeee.

On top of the blood vessel overgrowth, I've got prominent corneal scarring from having radial keratotomy (RK) in 1993, so that adds a possible extra complication.

I realize that RK vision correction surgery seems like a stone-age procedure now, but in the early 90s, Laser eye surgery was nowhere near being perfected and people were being blinded by inept surgeons. RK had a better track record back then. Besides, my dad's health insurance policy covered the cost. Yay Goodyear!

My vision was bad enough that I could only hope for about a 50% improvement longterm, but it was worth it to me. The light sensitivity and the starburst effect on looking at points of light such as stars, I could do without.

But anyway, I have an 11:15 appointment for an exam of my injured eye, and maybe it'll just be a minor injury. I sure do wish I had vision insurance! It's just not offered. *sigh* Apparently good eye health is irrelevant to overall good body health. Go figure. Since it's an injury, though, the ladies at the office say my health insurance should cover the treatment.

I'll say this: the yellow dye they put in my eye to look for corneal damage.....yeeeouch! I swear it was pure iodine!

I got the answer to my bare-it-all last night, and rather than share what is going through me about that now, I'll just say that the only magic I can work is with my hands, not my heart. That's always had such little value to anyone but me.

I still don't know much of anything different and I'm not going to pester him about it.

Speaking of hands, I made labels for wedding bubbles for a friend last week. I also made matching labels for Hershey's Nuggets. :) Why? Just because I wanted to. I had such a lovely feeling of peace while I worked on those bubbles. (My sister helped stick labels on the chocolate, as we were in a rush. It was an impulse decision, and I will admit she got the labels on the candy straighter than I did.) Dressing up the bubbles made me feel … blissfully calm. It felt great to make something pretty for someone else, once again.

Now I want to build cardboard furniture again. I've seen so many artistic designs on the internet lately that it makes my hands absolutely crave the chance to make something whimsical. Or practical. Or whimsically practical and unique.

But first I have to make that very first sacrificial "ugly" piece to get the feel of the craft. Of course… if I mess up horribly, it can always be recycled. If I do well, I can always put them in my classroom. LOL

UPdate on my eye: I managed to not scratch my cornea after all. Just got the white part of my eye pretty badly. With antibiotic drops, it should be healed by Friday.

And I won't have to resort to wearing my glasses. I may have given up hope, but I'm not sinking to that level.

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