Friday, April 19, 2013

Wrapped in His Arms... :)

I spent three hours in bed this afternoon.... It was glorious. Exactly what I needed to be fulfilled. So decadent... So well deserved. My legs are so sore...

Once my dog stopped playfully bouncing around, I took a two hour nap. It was cold in the house and my comforter was so temptingly warm that I fell into a deep sleep.

It's lovely to be able to take a long nap whenever you need one. I know, I made it sound like I spent the afternoon in someone's arms. Maybe the arms of Morpheus. Lol. But hey, for the right man, I wouldn't say no, as long as he didn't try to keep me from a needed nap.

Ha ha ha! Made ya look!

Naughty? Who me? Oh, maybe Imaginary Me is a naughty girl. Lol

I had intended to go to the gym tonight, but I was so tired, sleepy, and cold I thought I'd take a short nap. Maybe thirty minutes. Well, overshooting the mark by six times probably just means that I needed more sleep than I had believed. It's probably related to my legs, especially my quadriceps, being so sore today.

I'm up to 125 lbs on leg presses, 70 lbs on quad extensions (both legs), and 40 lbs each for single leg extensions. I'm at the "this is a challenge" point on my weightlifting. Complete with the last two reps being painful and requiring me to make some UGLY faces. No grunting. Lol

There are two races I wish I could run in tomorrow, but I still have a week of shin splint pain after each run. Maybe I've got an alignment issue. Maybe I've just got a weak butt. For the past few days I've taken off from the gym, it's been sore. Maybe I'd better stick with 125 pounds for now. Hmm.

While I've been able to keep increasing my weights at a decent speed, I do realize that at some point I'll hit my maximum weights for lifting and then progress will slow. In other words, it'll take me longer to conquer 125 pounds and move to 130 pounds than it did to move from 75 to 80 pounds. Yeah, I got this. I think.

Well.... At least I'm starting to see some changes. They're not the all over instant improvements I'd like, but there's no such thing as fast results unless you're only trying to firm up ten vanity pounds. So, BLEH to the vain!

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