Thursday, April 11, 2013

Yorkie Litter Box

I'm awaiting the arrival of a litter box I've ordered for my dog, a Yorkshire Terrier. He's become a bit petulant without a playmate, and spent the last ten minutes gutting his last dolly of the stuffing. I had to take it away because I fear he might swallow the stuffing or that it might have a dangerous fire retardant coating on it.

Yorkies are notoriously difficult to house train, and I'm at my wits' end. He has ruined an entire love seat, top to bottom. The carpets are a disaster. Anywhere he wants to go, he goes, even when I'm home to let him out. He is getting worse as he gets older, and he's only five now.

I changed his food to something with meat as the main ingredient, but I really think that he is resentful that I leave him home alone all day when I work. But what can I do about that? He is confined to the kitchen, and hitting him wouldn't work, not that I would want to. I reach down to pet his head, and he has always cowered away from that, as if someone has hurt him. It wasn't me, anyway. So spanking him and shaming him physically are out of the question.

He is my baby, and having no children in my future, he is mine. I can't see a human beating a child for accidents, so I can't beat my baby for it.

I had to find a way, so I tried researching training Yorkies to use a kitty litter box. I found the litter box I'm going to try instead. No loose kitty litter, and it has sides and scent spray. There are dozens of videos of dogs using the box, so it's worth a try. I'll admit it's amusing that he will lift his leg on the toilet, getting the use of the toilet correct, if not the method, but it still creates a nasty mess.

Please say a prayer that he uses the box!

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