Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Benadryl Time, Baby

For the second time in three months, I'm having to deal with seasonal allergies.  This time, the male cottonwood trees are tormenting me.  It started with a three day migraine, then a couple of sore throat days, then my sinuses closed up.  Now my sinuses are draining into my lungs and I've got bronchitis again.  

I actually slept in a very nice bed twice over the weekend and I should have been well rested, but I kept waking up every couple of hours choking on my clogged nose.  Yuck.  I should have been well rested, but I was still very tired afterward.  Figures, huh? Nice cushy bed with 8 pillows at my disposal (I had my own suite!) and I had to refrigerate the room just to knock myself out.  

Next time, I'll take daytime meds AND Benadryl when I travel.  Benadryl has let me sleep like a rock the last two nights, though waking up has been a groggy adventure. No dreams that I'm aware of.  Just the velvet abyss of night.  

I'm getting fed up with my allergies growing rapidly worse and I'm about to ask the clinic that has been treating my bronchial infections lately to allergy test me and give me weekly shots.  Yep, I'm that miserable, as well as angry that I'm losing six months to illness and recovery time each year.

ENOUGH. I don't have time for being sick this often.  I spend my time waiting now.  At the moment, I'm waiting for Benadryl to make me so sleepy that I drop into deep sleep almost as soon as I close my eyes.  It's a good feeling, like sleep under surgical anesthesia. Just like turning off a switch, it's a solid unconsciousness.  

I suppose I was restrained during and immediately after surgery because there was a four inch incision dangerously close to my jugular vein.  You never know what a sleepwalker's hands will get into as they are waking up.  Kudos to my surgeon, though.  The scar healed clean and thin.  :). It's not too noticeable.

Well, except for the last time when I apparently reawakened far too early and kinda freaked out when I sensed I was strapped down.  Involuntary restraint is something I have an issue with.  I'm a bit claustrophobic.  I remember the nurse telling me I wasn't supposed to be awake yet, and that I should stop trying to fight the restraints and go back to sleep.  I was afraid because I'd forgotten where I was.

 ...for people to make up their minds about me.  (And deciding no anyway, go figure.) 
...To recover from bronchial infections that make it hard to avoid a hacking cough when I breathe.
...For summer to set me free.
...for my shin splints to heal so I can pick back up with running.
... For my gluteus to heal from the tear I probably gave it when I almost fell. (Having trouble lifting my leg.)
...for there to be some light in my life... Or at least for there to be a point to it.

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