Thursday, May 23, 2013

That Better Taste Minty

I decided to make some fudge tonight, for the faculty dinner tomorrow. I know, it's not a dinner kind of dessert, but somebody might like it.  :)

Chocolate mint.  Mmmm.  Of course, there was a roadblock.  As usual, the local store didn't have mint chips, so I had to improvise when I got back to my kitchen, by adding about a teaspoon of mint extract. Well, mint extract tasted a bit like spearmint to me, so half of that teaspoon was peppermint extract, which was my intent, anyway.  

There's a layer of dark chocolate on the bottom, greenish mint in the middle, and a sprinkling of Andes Creme de menthe pieces on top.

It better taste like chocolate mint.  That's over two pounds of fudge wasted if it doesn't come out right.  :). And I'll be ticked off, too. I mean, they had freakin' cherry flavored chips, and I don't believe I've seen them since I was a child making potato chip cookies with my mom and my kiddie Tupperware baking set in the 70s.  They also had red and green chocolate chips for Christmas.  Really.  Six months out of date.

Please keep in mind I'm not much of a food stylist and my tiny little kitchen doesn't work well for photography anyway. But that's how it looks...


  1. Hi :) How did the candy turn out??? Delicious??

  2. Yes, it actually did. :) Lots of people said they loved it, one asked for the recipe, and at least half was gone before I left. (It was a lot of fudge, not the only fudge, and far from the only dessert!) Should I post the recipe?