Friday, May 10, 2013

Canine Little Man Syndrome

A new Shi-Tzu puppy has moved in next door. I'm not at home, but on a field trip, moving along on an uncomfortable school bus bench with a numb behind and thinking about my dog.

He's at my Dad's house for the weekend, because my little boy is just crazy about his Granddaddy, and he occasionally enjoys the company.

I'm told that my boy has made friends with the new puppy, which is unusual for him. When he met my brother's German Shepherd puppy, he became angry. I suppose he could tell that the new pup was destined to be a rather large and intimidating dog. He wanted nothing to do with him. Indeed, when I took Quincy over for a play date, the giant puppy generously shared his best toys while my baby snarled and snapped at him.

No playing. One infuriated Yorkie plus one exuberant German Shepherd equals one major case of Little Man Syndrome.

Quincy will stand up as tall as possible to run larger dogs off. He's got a viciously threatening snarl, but Christmas Eve showed that he'd rather be all bark and no bite, if you please. Poor fella almost died at the jaws of a bigger dog that was running loose.

My sister tells me that he seems to like the puppy. He even humped him, which means, "I like you, kid, but remember, I'm the alpha male. ". Lol.

I'm just glad he's accepting the new
puppy. I suspect that he's been lonely with just me. Maybe even depressed. He's needed a playmate for a long

Don't we all, though? Need a playmate, that is.

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