Monday, May 6, 2013

Curse You, Mother Nature

I got on my Dad's scale. It told me I've only gained four pounds. Heaven knows I've been known to gain as much as ten pounds of water at this point.

Common sense and something arriving WAY early tell me that four pounds is probably pure water, judging by the puffiness of my shins, my migraine, general ickiness, and need for a new bottle of Midol and other sundries.

One of them being more melatonin so I can sleep. I feel awful. :(.

But tomorrow is another day and hope springs eternal that I can put together two, count em TWO cliches in one sentence while I hope that tomorrow i won't feel so wretched. Know what I had for dinner? Sweet potato, carrot, orange, celery, parsley, apple juice. It was actually good. But you do NOT want that stuff to sit around. It gets clumpy. Ewwww. Fresh is the best taste, and yes, it was vaguely Creamscle-ish.

Goal: See if a chiropractor can realign me into a state of not being in pain 24/7. It could happen. :). I think the problem began with a misaligned pelvis. This is what being a good girl gets you. Lol. I should have been doing more, uh, dancing, eh?

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