Saturday, May 4, 2013

Got Some Herb?

I just mistook my new (online) issue of Clean Eating Magazine for the new issue of Food Network Magazine. Yes, I have subscriptions to both, but they are not print issues, so they don't take up any physical space in my admittedly physically cluttered life.

Okay, it's a tad emotionally cluttered as well, but whose isn't, unless they are that mythical happily married person? *I* don't like my life as it is for many reasons, but since I can't change my life to suit me, I have to change my desires. Give up many dreams. Stop hoping for what I won't ever have.

Change my perspective. Deal with my many failures. Put on my big girl panties and move on. Buy a bigger iPad that won't aggravate me with memory limitations, since I use it more than a laptop.

Back to the magazines. I was misled by a very tasty looking cover on burgers. Oh please, don't make them require an actual charcoal or gas grill. Nothing more scary than a George Foreman grill, pretty please. Gas grills absolutely frighten me after the explosion, death, and injuries we've had here lately. And I don't wanna deal with charcoal, but I may have to learn.

Those two magazines have some striking similarities. They both have delicious looking food, though one is of the healthy variety, and the other is a heart attack waiting to happen. They both have awe-inspiring articles. And they both require at least one exotic ingredient that is easy to source in, say, LA or NYC, but does not exist in small town America.

Leeks? I've only seen them at Lowes here, so I bought them to plant and grow my own. Just taking a chance ill find a yummy use for them. After I get my herb garden rehabbed to dig out all the Bermuda rhizomes and the landscape fabric which did nothing to slow the grass invasion, ever. (Bermuda IS our lawn grass here in the hot south.) The shreds of landscape fabric, that is. I spent years amending and mulching that bed, to no avail. There's nothing left but weeds, mulch, and black plastic shreds. No soil that I can see. I'm going with cardboard after I buy a bunch of dirt to coddle a new round of herbs in. IF they get more herbs in stores locally.

Well I say it's hot because we went from winter directly into summer after only a week of spring. And last night temps were down in the 40s or 30s. I am currently very thankful for the three sets of warm & fuzzy pjs I got from my sister for Christmas and my birthday. :).

Random thought - I miss being able to buy herb plants in Memphis on the way home from my post-op check ups. I don't miss living in Brownsville. There was only that one bright spot to my life there and the rest of it was just... nothing. I dated and was dumped by such a collection of unworthy men. (They're unworthy of you if they treat you like trash. That's my qualification for being unworthy.) My job was... a job. My patio herb garden flourished, however, and it was a lovely project. Still, there were weeds *sigh* and tomato hornworms. Ick. Pliers and a bucket. They are why I don't want to grow tomatoes.

At least in Memphis there were nurseries that had wide varieties of lesser-stocked herbs. Tarragon, pineapple sage, rosemary. LOL

Someone asked me once if I'm a foodie. Well, when I do cook, I like for everything to be wonderful and look pretty, rather than just throwing some slop together. If I was motivated, would probably throw a mean dinner party. But I'm not interested in cooking or eating more exotic fare, such as human lungs, a la Hannibal Lecter. Organs... Yuck. The idea grosses me out.

Wait a minute... I DID throw a dinner party not too long ago. Got lots of compliments on the food. Too bad some of the guests wouldn't cooperate with what they were supposed to be doing there. They thought it was just free meal time.

My brother just dropped by to ask if I wanted a basil plant or two that had been left at the dump, probably by Lowes. Well, sure. :) What a coincidence, right? I also invited him to use my as-yet-unborn future herb garden if he desires.

I've got to get mine ready fast, however. My parsley and leeks are screaming for more room to stretch their legs. They might have to live in the Earth Box, because I put petunias in the other planters. My mints and oregano are happily contained in hanging baskets. Actually.... I'm tempted to put the planted Earth Box right in the back of the herb garden as is to avoid the grass problem.

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