Monday, May 20, 2013

Not Healed Yet

Mowing the yards today (I'm not all bad; I mowed hers too) made me limp.  My hurt leg complained horrendously about having to operate the clutch on the lawnmower. When I got off each time, I was having a bit of trouble walking normally.  :(  Apparently, three weeks isn't enough time to heal my leg.

I suppose that hitting the clutch put my poor leg in exactly the right position for a lot of pain.  I don't know what I'm going to do about this.  

As much as I hate limping, I hate pain worse.  Even sitting down hurts.  Lying in bed right now hurts.  I have a strange desire to stab a knife in there and cut out whatever is ruined inside my hip socket.  

Why am i still awake? A combination of frisky dog happily barking all over the darn house and the homemade veggie juice I drank for dinner three hours ago.  I guess it's all the B vitamins -- I feel rather alert.

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