Sunday, May 19, 2013

Running Through My Mind

Okay, lots on my mind, including some things I'm a little leery of saying out loud.

Soft and tender reader, there are exercise discussions ahead.  Consider this your warning to blow me off now.  Lol. Hey, watch it.  I meant nothing like THAT.

The first thing is my sister's perception that we were about to get in a huge fight over my lawn mower key.  She forgot to give it back after she used it and thought it was the wrong key on her table.  She really thought I was gonna go psycho crazy (Moi??  Really?!?) on her at the prospect of a lost key, when they are easy to get here in town for $3.  (Makes me realize that my lawnmower isn't really secure out there.  Yikes.)

Actually, I had found my original set of keys a few days ago on the carport...  Long after Dad had to cut off the locks on my shed and storage room.  The keys were right there in front of the door, in the bucket (of trash) where they had fallen.  My fault, completely.  

She didn't know that I had another set, of course, but it concerns me to think she believes I'd utterly lose it over something so easily remedied.  I've got better control over my temper than that, really.  It scares my dog too badly when I yell after hurting myself, and I hate the out of control feeling I get when I lose my temper, so I try to keep a firm grip on any outward expression of anger.  And there's my blood pressure to consider.  I don't have any blood pressure problems, but I hate that lingering strangled, dizzy feeling after it goes up.  So I stay calm as much as possible.  

I guess I don't present well. :(. Not like I've ever attacked anyone physically when I'm angry, even if they deserved it.  Physically striking out is not me.  Far as I go is fantasizing about giving them a well-deserved smack.  

I want to start running again, though I'm well aware of the fact that my glute / piriformis injury is still hurting. It makes my leg seem longer than the other, and I know it isn't. Maybe the connective tissue is strained and giving that effect.  How to fix that? I don't know.  I'll run, my leg will drag, I will fall again. That's how the recent injury happened.  

I was trying to step up on a sidewalk and my right leg didn't cooperate.  My toes caught and tripped me, throwing me into a high speed face plant on the sidewalk, which I finally prevented by flailing my arms and stomping rather hard with the out of control leg, sending all of the impact up into my hip socket.  Yeah, ouch.

Question is, what do I do about it? 

Chiropractor? (Do they work on soft tissue?) 

For the record, my foam roller can't get inside where it hurts.  I think only thumbs can get that far into my hip socket. And I sure as heck can't reach it myself, not even with the old standby - a tennis ball.  Lacrosse ball didn't get in there either.  

Sports Medicine specialist? Bone and joint doctor? Physical therapist? Where do I go? And can they see if there is something going on causing my constant shin splints?  

Back to the neurosurgeon, who said that my nerve problem is unfixable?

Do I need to take an ice bath every night?  I really hate that..... But sometimes, numb is the only answer.  :)

And so.... To pick up with my running again (because I don't want to be a quitter and lapse into middle aged poor fitness) what do I do?  

Las problemas:
It's already freaking boiling hot out there.  75 degrees late last night and stifling to breathe.  I can't run in that without getting dizzy.  I tried it last year.  Running after dark, alone, anywhere is a scary prospect.  (Though I would really enjoy running at night.) Running just before dawn is just as scary, but probably the coolest time of day.  I hate the idea of getting up that early.  I cut it close getting to work on time because nothing can lure me out of bed early.  And I'd have to eat an hour before I ran.  Or drink my juice.... 

Frankly, I'm uncomfortable running past the house of the stalker down the street.  I've seen him out running.  I'm completely afraid he can catch me. I don't even want him watching me. 

I'm horrified that I can't run fast anymore.  Shouldn't have taken that 20 year break from running while I waited for the world to invent the high-impact sports bra for sizes over "flat chested."  

Yeah, that's how I really feel.  I even tried wide athletic tape. It didn't hold.

I could run on the treadmill at the gym any hour of the day or night, but I've got to get conditioned to run on pavement or I'll never be able to ... run on pavement.  *sigh*. Now, I already do shin stretches on the leg press machine, with 125 pounds to press with my toes.  You would think that would mean my shins are killer strong by now.  Sure, the muscles are strong, but apparently they want to rip loose from the bones.  

Please, local politicians, while you are sniping about adding painted bike lanes on the town's main roads, could you please add a soft running path somewhere here? Or just fix the one at the college? I'm dying, here! You spend so much time crowing about how that grant is helping you revitalize downtown (pointless - who goes there to shop?) that you don't provide any reason for people to WANT to hang around on the riverfront.  FIX THE TRAIL. It's the only thing there! Add some things - park, bandstand, picnic pavilions, that will make locals have a reason to look at that swampy old river.  But nooooo..... All you want to do is pretty the sidewalks so all the lawyers will have a nice view from their office windows.  

Maybe I need to hire a trainer and hope he can help me with my running.  Maybe I need allergy shots to prevent the bronchial infections I've been hit with twice this spring.  (Gym peeps get angry when you come in coughing and sneezing, not knowing that allergies are the problem.) Decreased lung capacity doesn't help either.  

I'll try to figure out a decent gym time & routine this summer while I have so much free time, and I'll hope that the juice fast I will be starting soon will give me enough energy to exercise, though it won't be high intensity again for a while.

Appearance isn't the issue.  Being tired and in pain all the time is the issue.  Improved appearance would just be a welcome side effect.  :). However, my body is more resistant to positive change than a granite mountain.

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