Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ain't Nobody Happy with Wet Feet

Nobody seems really happy today.  It's raining again.  It was raining yesterday.  It was raining last weekend.  My sister and I have been trying to have a yard sale for weeks, and it always rains on the Saturday of.  This is why I usually just give all of my stuff to Goodwill.  :) I don't get any money back for it and I usually don't bother with the tax credit, but I don't have to worry about everything just being thrown into the trash when it still has use for someone.  If my clothes are too raggedy or stained to donate, I turn them into cleaning rags for my house or classroom.  (Old flannel pjs are great for that.)

I bought a new kitchen table yesterday and managed to scratch the finish bringing it into the house.  *sigh* Yeah, that was all me. I take full responsibility for that. No, I wasn't the only one moving it, but I was really impatient about that situation.  I'm pretty sure I can get a touch up kit from Lowes and it won't be a problem although I do now have to go to the glass shop and have a round piece of glass cut to fit the table, because it has this nice crisscrossed groove pattern cut into the top and that will catch spills and crumbs like crazy.  It's just a little round cafe style table, but my kitchen is tiny and the big table was just collecting clutter.  

I still have a lot of thinking to do about a more efficient way of organizing things in here without countertops or adequate storage, since I now have some rather large and expensive small appliances added to the mix.  Juicer, blender, stand mixer.  And my tools.  Where do you put a toolbox and drill case when you don't have a dry place to keep them outside, and you don't have a utility room in your teeny tiny house? I stored some tools in the shed once, and they rusted into brokenness in a season.  

I'm buying a new sofa, but I've run into the problem of a store that does not stock anything for immediate sale.  I'll have to wait two weeks for them to order it.  Maybe I'm a little naive for thinking that buying furniture and going home with it that same day were possible?  *sigh* Unfortunately, I will not sit on the old loveseat because the dog has ruined it.  Peed all over it where it can't be cleaned. Why? Not so much training as anger at me.  He feels that he should get my attention every waking moment, and I just can't do that.  I'm thinking its time I got him a kennel.  And stop allowing him free access to the furniture.  Sorry, little buddy.  I know you like looking out the windows, but I like having a sofa to snuggle on and you've deprived me of that.

Speaking of the little fellow.  Day two of storms and day two of a scared dog with a gurgly tummy making a mess on the freshly cleaned carpet.  Argh.  That is just not how I want to start my day, you know?  And distressed cats outside that are freaked out by the standing water on the carport.  How will they ever eat if they have to get their paws damp? Perish the thought!  However, they're smart enough to hop around on top of stuff, so let them figure it out or have wet feet.  

I'm just a bit tired of dealing with neurotic animals. Me and family members included in that group.  ;)

On the other hand, YES my sister and I both got our tomatoes planted.  I planted mine with basil, but who knows if they will live, because I sprayed that flowerbed with brush killer last week and it says on the bottle not to plant there within four months of spraying.  Really? Four months?  In any case, my herbs and veggies are all getting a good watering now.  I hope they live.

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