Sunday, June 30, 2013

Como se dice "Lo siento"?

I was feeling really sad and hurt last night and this morning. Not only did I get bad news after not recovering from it, I did something (accidentally) stupid and I don't know if I will be forgiven for my mistake.  If one small mistake is all it takes... Maybe I'm wrong, but that doesn't stop the hurting that makes me feel like I have another failure to add to a lifetime collection. I never can understand, nor can I remember in time why I'm reluctant to take the risks that  are always strongly against me.  

I hope I'm wrong.  It's weighing heavily on my heart. It still hurts so much.


I've been trying to put together some modular bookshelves for a while and only figured out a few days ago how to set them up. Wooden crates.  They look good stacked on the side of the entertainment center, but I only have half of what I need.  It figures, huh?

JoAnn's put them on sale for $6.99 each yesterday, but only had one crate to sell.  Seemed like a joke.   As of today they've raised the price to $8.99 each. And they're sold out.  Of course.  It looks like I'll have to hope they get some more in this week or I won't be finishing that wall for a while.  

My nephew suggested painting them white, but I'm not sure about that yet.  I'm going to put a fabric or painted backer in each crate after my new sofa arrives.  I'll have to figure out curtains and paint color for the room.  I may leave the paint like it is. I really liked how my sponge painting job turned out years back, but moving all that furniture by myself is a daunting task.

I tried the demo of Zumba Fitness Rush on my XBox tonight, (more attempts at distraction) and after one meringue song, I was sweating.  With all the crying over the last 30 hours or so, the sweating made me feel dizzy again.  Could be there's still a lot of "Dutch courage" in my system.  Well, it was actually Polish, Swedish, and Russian, respectively.  It's not something I do much of, but I needed some numbness for a while.  

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