Monday, June 24, 2013

More Chores Yet

I also replaced my kitchen table with a cute little cafe table and two chairs.  Now I need to order two more chairs.  I keep forgetting.  It was a job finding a table small enough, but I found it here in town.  It has a really pretty routed design in the top which necessitates that I buy a piece of glass to protect it from typical mealtime spills.  Of course, it's never as easy as just going to a store to simply buy a table and chairs. Haha. There's also the old table and chairs to dispose of.  *sigh* I'm getting ready to take it to Goodwill if nobody wants to buy it cheap.

My date a few weeks ago insisted that I prune my tree because the branches were too low and kept slapping him in the face, so I complied. As it turns out, the tree needed pruning for more than just human convenience.  Too many branches were causing the limbs to droop, and when I started thinning things out a bit, the limbs started lifting into the air again.  I swear I heard the tree give a sigh of relief.  So I pruned the poor scalped-by-the-city pear tree as well, and now I realize I've got more trees in the back to prune too.  

I've got house plants to rehabilitate, a bed to create for more tomato plants, more weeds and brush to spray, and still more decluttering to do inside and outside as well.  I need to build a spice rack, or buy one, but no luck finding a half decent one yet.

All of this makes me feel profoundly fortunate that I actually have time to take care of these things right now, though it's hotter than Hades for working outside.  I'd love to be doing things that are a bit more social *ahem*, but it seems as though the lines of communication are down.  As always, I'm just waiting to hear and trying to keep myself busy so I don't think about why I'm not hearing anything.  Being patient ... is pretty painful sometimes.  It's a good thing that I won't run out of chores to distract me anytime soon.  

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