Thursday, June 27, 2013

Spice Rack

I needed a spice rack that I could hang on the wall but I haven't been able to find one that would hold enough spices.  The cabinet situation just became ridiculous for me.  I'm overrun with spice bottles.  

I had an idea for a wooden Coca Cola box that I saw at Big Lots -- I'd put shelves in it.  Then I got it home and realized shelves would require non-standard lumber cuts. All I have is a jigsaw and a hacksaw. :). Of course, those shelves wouldn't hold half of my spices anyway.

Then I became frustrated, and screwed the box to the side of the cabinets and stuck all the crowded bottles in lid first.  This tactic worked fine with my paint bottles, which are all the same size and shape, and sit in small stackable plastic crates.  

It would have worked if I didn't have such a varied assortment of bottom-heavy spice bottles, with the weight threatening a bottle avalanche.  And when I tried pulling one bottle out, of course, ten more fell out.  *sigh*

So I abandoned the project for the night and decided to inspire myself with craft supply organization on Pinterest.  I saw some paint bottles arranged on a wire grid that looked like chicken wire and I finally made the connection that I could build a grid for the inside of that box out of foamboard.  

I love making things out of foamboard.  It's like carpentry for wusses.  Me being the wuss, naturally.  I can't help it.  My father always told me that girls can't build things, and he wouldn't teach me any "man skills" because he said I'd have a husband to do all of that for me.  Well, I've been waiting on a handy man for 24 years, and having to be frustrated with my desires to build things around my house all the while. But foamboard is my friend. :D. 

I'll put it in terms you married men can understand: I'm single and I don't know anything about man stuff, except for the hilarious lesson in public bathroom urination posted on Facebook yesterday by the dean of the art department of my University.  Doug cracks me up.  I wish I'd been in one of his classes. (It's "piss angle" , if you want to know what to look up and you can get past my using the crude term.)

I've infiltrated the men-only realm by owning a retractible metal tape measure. Mwahaha! So I measured and tested the grid pieces and stayed puzzled for about five minutes worrying over the math for spacing the grid cuts.  If only foamboard was 1/4 inch thick, but it isn't.  It's 3/16 inch thick.  I thought I could get away with measuring and calculating in metrics, because foamboard is a handy 5 cm thick. Unfortunately, none of my thick acrylic rulers were metric in the least way!  

I finally just measured the biggest bottle, which was 2 inches, marked a 3/16" slice, and then moved the ruler so I could easily count another 2 inches, plus the grid slice.  :) It worked!  So back off man, I've got a cheap box cutter with a snap blade. Oh all right, I've also got a nice heavy-duty Kohler knife around here somewhere, but adjusting it is annoying.

So there's my handiwork that I stayed up until 4 am to complete.  I just had to finish, though my dog was deliberately trying to stop me for a couple of hours, just because he wanted me to go to bed.  I wanted to accomplish something. Yes, I hate the knotty pine.  It's about 60 years old and the varnish has turned it orange.  I've tried a couple of times to paint it.  Argh. My nephew wants me to paint it his favorite color, but a green kitchen just seems awful to me.  It's dark in there.  I'm wanting to go with something simple and bright, like white.

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