Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Game is on Again

No, I'm not referring to my personal life, and yes, I stole that from ABBA.  Ha ha. (So sue me... I was listening to the Mamma Mia! soundtrack.).  My date last night made me very happy, and I laughed a lot more than I have in years. :). Details? No, I'm not giving any details except this one: 

I got hives!  Fortunately, not on my face this time, but it was bad enough that it happened at all.  I didn't realize I was nervous, but I suppose that with learning to control the outward expression of my emotions over the years, I somehow managed to internalize a mild case of jitters and get my immune system in on the joke.  *rolling eyes*. That's the game being played.  I think I'm calm, but on some hidden way, my body is messing with me, causing hives and hindering my fitness. 

The night was great, really! My subconscious is just very silly.  And childish.  

So, I went to the gym today to see if my leg had healed from being jammed so hard into my hip, and to see what kind of stamina I've got on my juice fast.  (Yes, I ate dinner on my date.  So what?  Lol. Like I of all people could lose weight fast on any special diet.  It just doesn't happen.  My metabolism isn't normal.). No problem with stamina on my cardio, but I also brought some carrot apple juice with me to keep my blood sugar stable if I overdid my workout.  What can I say -- it worked. 

I'm already 7 pounds down from the juicing alone.  Yay me!

I took 10-20 pounds off most of the weight machines I used, because I've been away from the gym for a few weeks. (Mainly because I hurt my leg shopping and I've limped for weeks, and partially because I was very busy with end of school year stuff and working on things around my house. ) I'll work back up to full strength soon enough.  I wasn't able to do three sets on the hamstring machine though.  :( I wonder if I hurt my hamstring rather than my glute or femoral head.  The second set became excruciating when I got to the 15th rep, so I stopped.  I still need to be able to walk.  Sitting hurts badly enough.

I'm not whining! But it does hurt a lot and the limp is embarrassing.  How do you explain that it's a shopping injury???  :)

I want to start running again, but all of my failures are stacking up and messing with my head. I need to run at dawn while it's still cool but I can't get up that early right now.  No motivation to skimp on sleep. Maybe soon I'll do it.  

And maybe soon I'll hit the gym late at night, after everyone else is gone, and try some new machines while no one is there to see me looking like an idiot, trying to get it right.  

I'll admit that it's a bit disheartening for me, now that I realize it will take me longer than the average woman to see real changes in my body, no matter how hard I work.  But I am seeing a few changes in my legs.  Not enough to please me, but at least my calves are slimming down to a look that's more toned than fat.  And my thighs are starting to shrink a bit.  I'm sure it will take a long time for my body to start burning fat in the chubbier places.  

I just wish that I had an idea just how long it will take.  Another two years? Another four? (Hey, by then, the gym will have a pool I can swim in!  ) 

Ah well, must keep plodding along, mustn't I?  :) Whatever. Lol

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