Monday, June 24, 2013

The Little Things (that need to be done)...

... which always turn into lots more work than they should...

I am officially one month into my unpaid vacation and I've decided to start tackling some of the little annoying tasks that I've been meaning to do for ages.  Meaning, in some cases, months, and in others, years. Niggling little chores that I might as well do, since I'm spending much more time in isolation at this time of year than when I'm working.

I've created half a set of bookshelves from wooden crates.  They aren't where I originally planned for them to be, but I really think that flanking the TV will be a more sensible location for them.  It will be easy to put books on them there, go figure.  I'm not sure whether they'll have a painted backing, fabric backing, or if I'll just paint all the crates, but I know that I'll need another six on the opposite side of the tv to balance things.  And let's face it, to house as many of my books as possible.  I've needed bookshelves for the 12 years I've lived here. I've never found any that would work for me for sale, or I would have gladly spent the money for them.  

I'll wait a few weeks and see if the crates I want go on sale at JoAnn's Fabrics. I bought the rest of them on sale, after all, and I'm not paying $12 each for them if I can get them for $5. :D I can't help it. I just love modular stuff for all the possibilities.  I guess it's the creative side of me that hasn't gotten to play in such a long time.  My creative space is a bit jammed up for now.  Again, never could find a workable furniture solution, so the room is a semi-functional hodgepodge... Except for my workbench. I built that myself and it absolutely rocks.  

The difficulty in finding things I actually want in my house has caused me to be rather slow in furnishing it comfortably.  It would probably be a lot easier to make me happy if someone else picked out something they figured I'd like and then just bought it.  Saved me the trouble of shopping.  It's never been an option yet.  *sigh*

I told my father about my ingenious setup, and now that I've found something that WILL work for me, he has offered to build me some bookshelves. *very big grin*  I appreciate the offer, but I HAVE been waiting 12 years for him to upgrade my power outlets and build me some new kitchen cabinets.  Yeah, he's a bit of a procrastinator.  Wonder where I got that trait from?  Haha.  In any case, my modular solution is less expensive and allows for this lady to change her mind.  Often.  I know I won't!  

If he makes me some bookshelves, awesome!  I'll just refit my studio with the crates. I may yet fix it up with crates.  I've said before that I'm not a carpenter, so I can't otherwise build what I need out of wood.  

I did shop for a new sofa which had to be tracked down, virtually with Sherlock Holmes, to see if a local furniture store cole get it for me.  I could have just bought it from Ashley Furniture, but they would still have to order it and then they would charge another 20%+ to deliver it, and I have heard nothing but complaints about their paid delivery service.  The local people can get the same Ashley products, and give me a bit of a discount, while delivering it to me here in town for free.  :) Still, there's the same two week wait on the order, but much better delivery conditions.  They were very accommodating about delivering and arranging my very large bedroom suite a few years back.  Yay. :)

After I get the sofa, I've got to make decisions about painting the living room, curtains, and all the rest of the stuff that I don't want to think about yet. I've repaired a miniblind in the kitchen (which meant buying an extender kit for my drill... Small chores always turn into a big pain in the butt), and now I see that I have to start repairing / replacing even more blinds. 

On the brighter side, the repair I did in the kitchen was due to some moron slamming a couple of nails into the window trim and then just balancing the blinds across them.  They fell on my dog, who promptly freaked out and hid under my bed for about 24 hours.  Oh, brighter side to all that?  Little old me just bought some mounting caps for miniblinds and installed them.  Now the blinds will stay and I can swap them out whenever I get ready.  Which will be...  Not really soon.  Ha ha ha. I've still got another set to install in the living room.  I hated doing the matching set, but if memory serves me, I did those with nothing more than a hammer, a nail, and a screwdriver.  I hated it.  Oh, but now I have a drill.  Hmm.... Could make quick work of it...?

As I said, I've been wrapping up some long-procrastinated little chores.  I painted my garbage can today.  It was a hated blue (the only one the stupid store had at the time, in the right size) and I painted it a lovely tan stone color with some Krylon Fusion pant today.  I'd been meaning to do it for a couple of years, and now the paint is on the plastic and one less spray paint can for me to store. It's not a perfect paint job, but it looks much better than it did.  Yay me.  

I also finished constructing a mitten chest last night.  (I get annoyed when winter comes and I can't find matching gloves to wear, so I stash extra pairs in my coat pockets.  Sometimes a glove falls out, and sometimes I have an extra pair to give to someone who needs them. I have running gloves, dressy gloves, fingerless gloves... I need somewhere to store them in an organized way.)  Now I need to cover the foamboard with paper so that it'll be paintable.  Another decision. What color?  

Anyway, the lesson I *should* learn from all this is to do these jobs when they arise.  Or soon after.  Okay, within six months and before they pile up.  *sigh*. My procrastination is embarrassing, but it's very satisfying to tie up some loose ends, finally.  I'll get to be very successful at this, because as I finish one task, two more pop up.  I'll never want for work.

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