Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Melon Has Landed

And I'm not talking about the size of my head. Shout out to Pauly Shore.  Lol

I brought home a watermelon from my shopping trip tonight.  It's in my meal plan tomorrow to be juiced.  Oh yes, I'm back down from the pound of water weight I gained -- its usually more like ten pounds around this time, if you know what I mean.  ;) 

I just gained one pound this time, and now it seems to be gone again.  Thank goodness, because juicing can be expensive, but I seem to be shaking my chronic fatigue.  :). Feeling good is worth it. 

So... Fearing a roll off the kitchen table,  I put the watermelon on the floor over in a corner.  Quincy, my Yorkie, apparently thinks that it's a huge tasty ball.  Superball! He's been reverently sniffing the melon, then licking, then attempting to bite it, leaving a few tooth gouges in the rind.  

Does he think its a ball god, I wonder? It's the biggest ball he's ever seen, it smells good, and it tastes interesting....  

He became rather frantic trying to master this green ball, I'm afraid.  There were whimpers and panting, and for a minute I could have sworn he was humping the watermelon! Yeah, I know, it isn't unheard of, you sickos.  

I think he was trying to employ his usual method of backing a ball out from a tight corner -- pulling on it while leaned over the top.  Poor fella, he wasn't strong enough to manage it.

Fearing what might happen to the melon before I made my breakfast from it, I put it atop the table.  Knowing my Quincy, if I'd put it on the chair, he would have bumped that chair until the ball came down to him in a crushed but tasty heap on the floor.  I've seen him do it.  He bumped the baker's rack until he knocked off the bag of his favorite treats - Pupperoni.  Then he grabbed the top of the bag between his teeth, threw his head back, and hightailed it into another room with his prize!

I left the room and turned the lights off, but when I went back in for something, I found him sitting there, gazing reverently in the dark at the giant green orb.  He was sitting here beside me a minute ago, then his ears perked up as if he heard a green sloshy voice calling him to the kitchen.

I wonder how long he will sit, listening to the voice and gazing at his dream ball.... The dog is obsessed!

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